Thursday, 28 June 2012

Chuffin' Unbelievable!!!

Yesterday I had to go to the Admin Building to sort out some courses for my IT training and would you believe it, out of all the hundreds of courses available to staff, there are no IT ones, plus I had to miss my 30 minute meal break to do it!

Chuffin' unbelievable!!!

Me being me, I then decided to use my initiative (see, I'm not always as daft as people think I am) and phoned the on site education center, where I had done my Maths and English GCSE's  three years ago, and had also started and paid for the  ECDL (please don't ask what it stands for I don't know, but it's an IT course) to see if they still ran it.

As luck would have it I spoke to my old tutor, who spookly remembered me, even though he must have dealt with thousands of people since he last saw me.

I was told, yes they still run the course, although the name and course has changed slightly, and after some checking it turns out my registration is still valid after all this time and I don't have to repay for the course, whoop whoop, all I have to do is a Skills Test to establish what modules I need to take to be ready for the exam.

As you can imagine, I was feeling quite chuffed with my own cleverness, so off I went and informed my Line Manager, that even though the Company don't offer the courses I require, that I could do them at the on site education center.

Then things started to go a bit tits up...

He starts demanding to know how quickly I can get the course finished? 

How should I know? 

I stopped doing it last time, as I was struggling with it, plus finding the time to fit it in around a full time job and my home life, and things are a lot tougher now, than they were then.

Because it has to be done on the Internet and not on the Company Intranet, he expects me to do it all in my own time! When this was all discussed last whieek, I was told I would have to do some stuff at home but most would get done in work time.

These days I don't have a social life because I'm always so exhausted and I resent the fact I'm now expected to rush MY course to suit them, so they can get rid of me!

I will do the course because it will benefit me when looking for another job, but I will do it at my own pace.

The thing I still can't understand is:- 

If they've decided I'm so Medically unfit and unable to do my job, and they are so concerned about my welfare.

How come I'm still working and performing all my duties in full?


  1. Sounds like they are trying to wear you down to get you to hand in your notice x

  2. Get your union rep to give them a bitch slap back to their normal size !

    1. Union is involved Louise, but not impressed that it was too short notice to take one of them to the meeting in Portsmouth..

      Gave them as much notice as I was given.

      D x

  3. Ugh! I thought things were looking more sensible. You must endeavour to do things in your own time, you will derive the most benefit that way x.

    1. Thanks Lesley, I know it's so stupid the way things are being handled..

      Took the Skills Test for my course today, turns out I do know a little about IT, so only need to do six modules whoop whoop..

      Tutor asked me if I wanted to learn Office 2003 or Office 2007 **shrugs shoulders** "What's the difference" I said..

      He replied "Your company uses Office 2003, and everyone else uses Office 2007"

      I replied "Oooo better make it Office 2007, then it will benefit me in the real world"


      D xx

    2. Great way to end the week, on a positive note x.

    3. Most definitely, hope you are feeling a bit better now?

      D xxx


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