Sunday, 27 November 2011

Think about it!!!!

Have you ever experienced pain?

Of course you have..

I live with constant pain every day. It's not something I like to go on about, but I feel it needs a mention... Too many people are quick to judge about my state of health because on the outside I look fine, most of the time I have a big cheesy grin on my face and am joking about. When in fact it's a cover for that way I'm really feeling!!

I don't like to go around with a glum face moaning all the time, telling everybody my woes, although too some people that is a way of life. I just want to get on with things, and live a normal life for as long as I can before the pain of my Arthritis takes over completely, and the massively high doses of painkillers I'm on are unable to
keep me working and supporting myself financially.

I'm not the only person in this position, many people have inner demons of one sort or another, which may have a massive impact on their lives! It may not be pain, it may be a mental health issue. But what makes people think they have the right to judge our situations!!!

Have you ever decided you know something about somebodies situation, when in fact you know nothing..

Think about it!!!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dog Friendly at "The Snug Bar, Godalming"

"Look into my eyes daddy and order from the sweet menu"

As many of us Dog Owners are aware, finding somewhere to eat out with your dog can be a nightmare, well today we took Badger Boo (our Cocker Spaniel)  into The Snug Bar in Godalming and had a wonderful welcome, it is well worth a visit...

Whilst taking our order our waitress Amy asked if Badger Boo required water, I was surprised but said "Yes please if it's not to much trouble" and a large bowl of water was brought to our table and Badger Boo was laying there drinking it like it was an everyday occurrence in his life lol...

The menu is very varied and the prices are good value, the choice was difficult as there was so much on there we wanted to try, eventually we made a decision after much deliberation, and placed our order.We didn't have to wait long before our food was brought