Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Far to Tired to Care

Today is one of those days where I've had just about enough!!!

I'm sick of being in pain!!!

Sick of people around me thinking they know what is best for me!!!

Unless you have been here, you have no idea how relentless and debilitating pain can be!!!

Yes I'm grumpy today!!!

I'm grumpy because certain people are voicing their opinions!!!

Insinuating I sit around doing nothing all day!!!!

It is very, very hard to keep going when every movement causes excruciating pain!!!

But I do keep going, because if I stop, I'd stop forever!!!

Don't judge me, when all you know is what you think you know!!!

Believe me, you don't know even half of it!!!

If you are reading this, you know who you are!!!

I suggest you keep your stinking nose, out of my business!!!

At least get your facts right before dictating to me!!!

Rant over

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Asking few simple questions, could save you heartache in the long run!!!

This post is a copy of an email of a genuine equiry I made with somebody who professed to be a "responsible" breeder on their website... I was shocked by the reply I got, and the "As it's not compulsory, I don't have too attitude"!!!!!! Plus they never replied back when I explained  the questions I had asked in more detail...   A Guilty Conscience, I certainly hope so!!!

31 May
Dawn Hart 
####..... Couple of quick question about your pups for sale.... What are the BVA/KC Hip scores of both parents and all 4 grandparents??? Do mum and dad have current Eye Certificates, and were the x4 grandparents screened when used for breeding??? Last but not least what is the C.O.I. of the pedigree??? As I'm not a fan of line-breeding due to recessive genes!!!!!! I'm may be interested in a pup, but have seen a few lately that were't quite bold or placid enough... Thanks Dawn

31 May
######## ########
 hi dawn, in answer to ur questions no none of my dogs are hip scored as u dont hip score working lined springers, no at the mo mine dont have current eye tests as its not compulsory to have the tests done in working lined springer (at the mo) as it is with show dogs but i am in the process of getting all my dogs heath tested as im all for it just havnt got around to it up to now... as for the grandparents i have no idea if any are tested... and as for C.O.I. i have no idea what that is??? and as for there charactors there only just starting to show them so dont no yet what they are yet... hope these answer ur questions... #### x

31 May
Dawn  Hart
Ok  #### thanks for that, will do some research on Hip Dysplasia in working Springers as had 2 dogs with it in the past and it's a nasty thing!!! The tests aren't compulsory for show or working dogs which is a bad thing in my opinon.. But the law needs to change, making breeders responsible for the lifelong health of there puppies *which will hopefuly put a stop to puppy farmers...* Health Testing is used to help eliminate hereditary diesases, by not breeding from affected dogs!!!!! My Cocker is a working Cocker not show, and all his relations were tested for P.R.A (eye tests) every precaution was taken by his breeders, but he still had it when he went for his tests before breeding from him.. Hence no breeding for him!!! Therefore I had no comeback on his breeder as she had done all she could... BVA/KC tests are open to everybody, my friend breeds working labs and has been testing them for approx 20 years I believe... C.O.I is a scoring system where you can work out how closely in-bred puppies are further back in there parentage, when line-breeding was all the rage:- ie, Grandfather to Granddaughter, cousin to cousin and so on, because of recesssive genes that cause the hereditary problems.... The boldness or shyness of a pup at 4 weeks will carry on through to it's adult life if raised correctly!! Hence why early temprement testing is better for matching pups to owners.... Sorry but in my opinion and lots of other peoples,  Health Testing is important for lifelong health of the puppies and good of the breed!!!  Dawn

After this communication I opted not to buy a puppy from this particular breeder, , this article is my personal opinion, your free to make your own mind up.

Authors Note:-

I would like to add that this person was a facebook friend for several months, and I genuinely liked them. But after this transaction of messages, their personality changed and not in a nice way!

I was inundated with nasty messages, and several of my facebook friends were put in a very awkward situation, and made to choose between me and them.

So please ensure you ask questions when buying a pup, and if the breeder of the pup, doesn't want too, or won't give you the answer you require, then you should consider looking elsewhere for your pup.

Breeders that pay out for the health testing before breeding, have the interest of the pups lifelong health in mind and are not after making a quick buck.

It really is better to wait a few months or even years for your pup, than to rush out and buy one because it is available.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this breeders dogs, but genetic problems can happen to the most experienced of people if they don't health test their dogs before breeding.

I would only ever buy a pup from somebody, who has taken the time to find out if there are any hidden problems that can be passed on, and so should you. To save any heartache later on if the pup should develop something that could have been avoided by a simple test that somebody couldn't be bothered to do because they don't HAVE TOO!!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Throw Away Dogs in a Throw away Society

I see it's that horrible time of year again, when unwanted Christmas puppies are now being abandoned to  rehoming centers as people are now bored with them, or can't be bothered to spend a little time house training, so getting annoyed with the mess!!!

Will never understand why people buy these pups in the first place, or even why the Breeders sold them to these people!!! 

Oh yes I know why now, people bred their unhealth checked bitch to an unhealth checked dog to make a quick buck, with little regard for the outcome of the rest of the pups life that they brought into this world!!!

Who picks up the pieces???

All the amazing people out there that volunteer and work in Rescue, without these dedicated people, so many of these young pups would end up on Death Row!!!

But to my mind the worst, is people who dump their OAP dog, just because it is over stressed by a playful young pup. The OAP dog

Monday, 9 January 2012

A Big Fail, so annoyed with myself!!!!

I have failed at being a non-smoker, and so unhappy with myself. After 14 weeks of success and not giving in to it, something happened this weekend and I have started again *wrist slap needed*!!!!

I smoked a full packet of 20 over the course of the day and felt very ill, but it didn't stop me lighting up this morning and starting again... It is so very difficult!!! How do people do it, and keep it up???

But this is my last packet.... 

Tomorrow I will be a non-smoker again!!!

I will not let this beat me!!!