Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunday Photo


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Digging is Crafting!

I've been pretty busy this week, I started knitting my first ever pair of socks but I've not made anything else, I've been working hard digging at the allotment because I want to enter my plot in this year's "Godalming in Bloom" competition.
As always I had my camera with me and just had to take a picture of the beautiful Apple Blossom. We were lucky enough to have been left an Apple Tree when we took over the plot, I have no idea what sort of apples they are, but they're beautiful and crisp and very red and shiny, drooling at remembering the taste of last year's crop.

I'm really pleased to see the blossoms appearing, I had to give the tree a heavy butchering pruning in the winter, as it was growing out of control, was very straggly and we had a serious overcrowding of apples last year, many were far too small and bitter to eat as they couldn't ripen.

I don't know about you but I know nothing about Apple Tree's, but with the help of the internet and youtube I set about it with my loppers. I took loads off and got it looking like a  sort of goblet shape with no branches crossing over, then I had to wait in anticipation to see if I'd killed it! I'm hoping the sight of the blossom means we'll be getting apples this year, but if we don't  I'm just happy that the poor tree survived my butchering pruning attempt.

As I said before I've been doing a lot of digging with the help of Himself and now all the raised beds are in at last, it's been hard work but they'll look gorgeous when planted up. I've already planted my Sweet Pea seeds, if you look closely you'll notice my inspired (in my opinion) use of knitting needles to help them find their way onto the netting.

I think we'll leave the back half of the plot as mown weeds grass for the time being, although it's our second year we never got started properly until this year, due to Himself being so unwell over the last 18 months.

All that's left for me to do now is to tidy edges, plant the rest of the seedlings from the greenhouse, water and wait. Himself is in charge of cutting the grass, he enjoys doing it, I'll rake it up and that's it. The big old petrol lawnmower we got off FreeCycle is far too heavy and has a mind of it's own, it has a habit of moving off on it's own at a rate of knots and I can't keep up with it. I'm keeping my eyes peeled on Freecycle for a Sit on Mower, that'll be much more my style.

I'm so pleased with how much we've achieved, but I'll let you be the judge as this is what the plot looked like when we first took it over last March and why I titled this post "Digging is Crafting".

View from bottom end
View from top end

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and a great week crafting.

Silent Sunday

Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Sunday Photo ~ Roses

I love photography, but lately I've just not had the time to get out my big camera and take some real pictures.
 A couple of weeks ago Himself gave me some lovely roses, I took a snap of them for a Silent Sunday post which I posted here.
I do like to make my flowers last as long as possible, because even as they were dying off, they have a strange sort of beauty about them.
My Sunday Photo

It's warm and sunny here and it's going to be a fabulous Sunday, have fun

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

What Day is it?

Do you ever get confused about what day it is?
I seem to all the time at the moment, I've got so used to going to the allotment on a Saturday and because I went on Sunday this week it's knocked my internal schedule out which is why I'm a day late posting.

On Saturday I was at Godalming Independent Market, all my punch art cards were sold which I'm really pleased about and will definitely be making more and trying out some new breeds of dog. Somebody also asked if I made cats too, I hadn't really thought about making cats so I'll be having a little play later this week to see what I can come up with.

I was really pleased with my latest charity shop bargain, you can't really see it here but it's a pot stand and was great for hanging stuff on. I was a bit concerned it might be a bit wobbly, but no it was steady as a rock, it'll make a nice corner feature when at outdoor fairs with my gazebo.

Early Saturday morning I had to collect a large water boiler for Jill because the caterers she had booked for the event let her down at the last minute, but luckily I knew of just the person to help out in a time of crisis, Brendon Cooney MBE the Catering Officer at Surrey Army Cadet Force who I used to work with when I was in the ACF, and a pop up tea room was accomplished with some tasty brownies available from one of the stallholders and Linda serving the teas.

 Also a big thank you to Himself for running backwards and forwards to Surrey ACF kitchens with the Norwegians full of boiling water so that there was enough hot water in the boiler ready for when the stallholders started to arrive.

As a result I had to leave my rotary card stand at home as there wasn't enough room for it in the car, I've been thinking about selling it for a while now and was glad to find that I didn't actually need it or miss it.

If anyone wants to buy it and is happy to come and collect it, as it doesn't collapse down to post, then feel free to contact me it's approx 26" tall and 12" wide and holds three different sized cards.

I'm linking this weeks post to Handmade Monday and Creative Mondays.
Hope you have a great week crafting and I'll see you next week.