Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hey Fatty Bum Bum

*Screams and covers eyes*
Sorry I should have put a warning on this post, this picture is very scary!!!

The hideous photo that shocked me into losing weight.Only in the album now to make me remember how I never want to look again!!! :- August 2009 - 26 stone 1lb aka 365lbs
When I saw this picture I was in total shock!
 I had no idea how heavy I had become. Approx 5 years before I'd had a very bad fall at work, injuring my left knee and back. Trouble was I was still eating as if I was running everyday and going to the gym. Even though I knew I was FAT, at this point I was still getting about reasonably ok most of the time, but had no idea what I
looked like as I avoided full length mirrors.

But as soon as I saw this picture, I went into shock. I knew something had to be done and done very quickly.

No more takeaways, no more processed foods and worst of all no more cream cakes and sweets!

OMG how would I survive? Well survive I did, and 9 months later I had lost 52lbs. Wow wee it was hard going!! But I did it, still looked fat, but a lot less fat..

9 months after the horrid picture, 52lbs lighter :- May 2010 - 22 stone 3lbs aka 313lbs

But now I was having some serious pain in my left knee, had an Arthroscopy and found out I had stage 4 Arthritis in it and would need a new knee very soon, and had a lecture from the Specialist to lose even more weight *groan*. 

No praise for what I had already achieved, I felt like giving up there and then, but obviously I couldn't. Because I was now walking with a crutch about 90% of the time, as unable to get about due to pain!

These trousers are a size 32 and were far to tght to be comfortable, 70lbs lighter :- Dec 2010 - 21 stone 1lb aka 295lbs 
Well I stuck with it, I had to. But it was getting harder and harder to move about so the weight wasn't shifting. I was on massive amounts of painkillers, which meant I was getting more and more depressed. But I stuck with it!

98lbs (7 stone) lighter :- April 2011 -  19 stone 1lb - aka 267lbs  

Finally it started to feel like I was getting somewhere at last. Then tragedy struck, I had another bad fall and injured my right knee! Which meant I was completely unable to walk without crutches.

No way did I want the weight to pile on, so went to see the Practice Nurse as I wasn't losing weight on my own anymore. Some ground rules were agreed, one of them being that she wouldn't tell me how much I weighed, so I wouldn't obsess about it all the time.

It seems to be working as my jeans look a little baggy in the next picture.

Don't know how much I've lost now as nurse isn't allowed to tell me or I fall off the wagon and eat chocolate :- October 2011 
How I hate having my picture taken, looks like I need a new bra in this one lol.

All dressed up and nowhere to go :- November 2011
All dressed up with somewhere to go :- December 2011
Not had any pictures taken yet this year for my album on facebook, but thought some of my Blogger friends might like to see anything can be achieved if you stick with it..

Obviously I still have a long way to go to reach my ideal weight, but I will get there slowly but surely...


  1. Hi Dawn, that's absolutely amazing! Having to deal with pain and still lose weight - quite a challenge.

    I'd love to see a 'now' photo.

    May see you at the Easter run day tomorrow?

    Lesley x.

    1. I really must find a new picture to update, usually I'm the one behind the camera so not always easy to remember to get one taken lol

      Not sure yet if we're going to the run tomorrow yet. It was a bit of a tough day today, but I did manage to hobble into town for the Easter Market for an hour.

      Dawn xxx

  2. My weight loss stoped, and try as I might it wouldnt come off.

    I am now pleased to say over the last two weeks I've lost 8lbs, so back on track again.

    I've now added a weight loss tracker to my blog under my profile. So I will have to stick to it as I know you will all be watching me Eek

  3. OMG WOW that is truly inspirational, well done you. That is absolutely amazing, especially considering all your set backs.
    Thank you for sharing this with motivational moments.

    1. Thank you for the invite and your lovely comment, it means a lot x

    2. You are most welcome. You are such an inspiration - hope you have no more set backs xx

  4. I don't like to refer to people as hideous. I know we do it to ourselves, but it's so unfair.
    I had to stop beating myself up over my physical appearance, but I would not have been able to if I hadn't found size acceptance and Health at Every Size. With an endocrine system like mine, weight loss is unlikely. I already have enough trouble liking myself. I hope you can find peace with yourself, whatever size you are.


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