Thursday, 12 April 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

OMG the Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford aka Lesley Beeton, has awarded me aVersatile Blogger Award.

What a wonderful surprise!

I've only been Blogging a short while, but have been following several Blogs for some time.

It all started very randomly, with topics that I felt strongly about, but now seems to have settled into a pattern.

Gosh, now for the hard part I have to nominate my favorite Blogs for Awards:-

Cold Wet Nose :- Champions of the underdog, and saving many dogs lives with the "Don't Cook your Dog Campaign"
Dr G's Vintage:- This lady has helped me more than she knows, also vintage clothing and ukulele playing and knitting
Dogs Today Think Tank:- You ask the question about your dog, and their followers will give sound dog advice
Sprocker Style:- For a wonderful dogs guide on Human Ownership, very entertaining
Greensand Way Run 2012:- Local people doing amazing things for Charity
Christmas Pie Crafts:- Only recently found this Craft Blog, and I like what I've seen
Murdoch, She Wrote:- Because I love Staffies, especially when they have a clementine on their head 
Jasper's Blog:- Brilliant dogs eye view of  Crufts

I've not been able to nominate 15 Blogs as I've not yet found 15 to follow... I would love to have nominated Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford  as I love her Blogs, but unsure if I can nominate someone who has nominated me.

The Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award state I have to tell Lesley  
seven interesting things about me:- 

1} Two of my Rottweilers Soldier and Marco were Pets as Therapy Dogs

2} East Wittering is my favorite beach to ride my bike with himself and Badger my dog

3} I love knitting and crochet, but I'm not very good at it

4} I used to be a Riding Instructor (horses)

5} I used to foster Rottweilers in the late 80's early 90's

6} I have a grown up son James and  grandson Joseph

7} Badger Boo is my alter ego and the only way I can   communicate with others when I'm in a dark place


  1. Congratulations :-)

  2. Well done on being awarded the Versatile Blogger Award Dawn and a big thank you for awarding it to me. I love your blog - Badger Boo is brilliant. I am glad you like my blog. Off to prepare my list of bloggers to pass the award on to - so many great blogs to choose from.

    1. Thanks Jill,

      I love your Blog, I haven't viewed it all yet but love what I've seen..

      Never knew there were so many fantastic Blogs about, and so many varied subjects it's mind boggling..

      Dawn xxx


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