Saturday, 14 April 2012

Glad that's Over

What a week it's been!!!


I've been highly stressed this week, some of my own making, but mostly because of others...

No news on the Medical front yet which is adding to the stress, I know I shouldn't let these things get to me, but sometimes its hard
to just ignore and carry on as normal.

By Thursday I was in total meltdown, spent virtually the whole day in tears. Due to feeling totally abandoned, as I'd been left to struggle on for 2 days on my own at work due to staffing shortages.

I really shouldn't have been there, but I have this weird thing called a "work ethic" and I hate to let people down. One day I'm sure it will be the undoing of me!

By the time I got home Thursday night, I felt I could go on for no longer like this, and was ready to hand my notice in!

Normally when feeling so down I avoid going on the computer, as I have no wish to interact with people, but for some reason that night I did...

I was so glad I did, because what I discovered lifted my spirits no end!

Lesley Beeton had nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award, I was totally stunned. The VBA's are for people to nominate their favorite Blogs.

I've never met Lesley aka Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford, but she is a lovely lady and has 2 gorgeous Boxer Dogs who can be a little bit naughty at times, very much like my own Badger Boo.

As a result of my whole mood and attitude being lifted, I was able to attend work on the Friday, do a test which I passed with 93%!!!

So the week ended on a good note, with me ready to face the weekend and hopefully enjoy myself, until it all starts again next week...


  1. A little bit naughty?? :D

    We really should meet up soon.

    Take care, Dawn. Hope you are having a great weekend.

    Lesley xx.

    1. Yes we really must sometime.

      Dawn xxx


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