Saturday, 25 February 2012

The World is Full of Spooky Coincidences

The strangest thing happened today, went for a wander around Godalming with Himself and Badger Boo, once we had finished in the town we decided to walk along the canal to let Badger have a run about for being so good and to feed the Ducks.

A very pleasant walk it was too, so many Ducks, Canada Geese and even a few Moor Hens. So glad I spent the time training Badger it's ok to watch the Ducks and whine, but a definite NO, NO to chase them, as with this warmer weather they may be thinking about nests although I'm not sure about that.

I have always fed grain to the Ducks after a friend of mine who was a Countryside Ranger at Lightwater, said they always fed grain to

Friday, 24 February 2012

A much needed trip to the Groomers

Posted by Badger Boo...

Today was the day for my trip to the groomers, as I was starting to look like a right "Tatty Teddy" my mummy said!

I do like to look my best, but in the Winter I'm allowed to grow my coat somewhat to keep me warm, now the Winters have started to get colder in the UK... But for some reason my coat had got totally out of control this time!!!

As you can see...

The "Tatty Teddy" look...  Not a good look at all!!!!

OMP I have no toes!! *no wonder typing is hard for me*

So off I went to the groomer for my wash and brush up...

First things first, into the bath and a nice massage with some horrid smelling shampoo.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Lloyds and Halifax are condemning dogs to death!!!

What a Mess this is!!!!

I want to write some thing about the appalling way Lloyds and Halifax have just stopped their pet insurance policies, leaving people in real financial hardship as their dogs were insured for life with them, and any conditions they have will be excluded from new insurance policies!

Sadly I can't find the words to express myself, please check out this link, it says it all. Join the campaign..

It could be your insurance company next!!!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fox Poop (yuck) ~ I have found the solution!

Fox Poop is thoroughly disgusting, but the sad fact of life is that most of our canine friends find that smell totally intoxicating!!! 

That awful smell just lingers on and on. No matter what you bathe your dog in, there is always the faintest whiff just waiting to catch you unawares!

In our house it has become an almost everyday occurrence with Badger Boo! As you can imagine it is a nightmare to live with (the smell not the dog). I've tried everything, even resorted to washing him with tomato ketchup.

But the smell was there all the time, just lingering on. I was starting to get to the point where he had to be kept on the lead in certain areas to avoid spoiling an otherwise wonderful walk with the hassle of a bath when we got home.

As you can imagine I didn't want to spoil his fun, as I'm a firm believer that "A Dirty Dog is a Happy Dog" but it wasn't good for him to have daily baths or for me for that matter!

I have now found the solution...

It wasn't actually me personally, it was the "Eco Dog Company" they sell a wonderful product called "Fox Poo Shampoo"

To say I was skeptical when I first heard about "Fox Poo Shampoo" is an understatement. Nothing can shift that smell, can it? 

I was at the point where I would try anything, so I checked it out

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Why is Technology so complicated???

The problems I have had trying to get this Blog so people can post directly, seems to be sorted now.. 

The Moderator is finally off, thought blood was going to be shed here, as it was so frustrating!!!

Kept telling Himself to post... 

He was trying to do something else, so I got grumpy, as I wanted it done NOW!!! 

Been trying to sort this for a couple of weeks on my own with no luck!!!

 Himself managed it in about two minutes!!!

How annoying was that!!!

Anyway it's all working now... 

If you don't have one of the accounts in the options, post as anonymous and add your name to your post, otherwise I won't know who you are... 

Thank You Graham 

A Guide to Human Ownership

Posted by Badger Boo...

My buddy Buzz Sprocker on twitter has written this pawsome guide to Human Ownership...

I thinks it will help many of us doggy's to get things right when training our humans...

Hopes you finds it as useful as I did...

All training methods for humans are positive reinforcement...

No humans were hurt in the making of this Blog...