Friday, 24 February 2012

A much needed trip to the Groomers

Posted by Badger Boo...

Today was the day for my trip to the groomers, as I was starting to look like a right "Tatty Teddy" my mummy said!

I do like to look my best, but in the Winter I'm allowed to grow my coat somewhat to keep me warm, now the Winters have started to get colder in the UK... But for some reason my coat had got totally out of control this time!!!

As you can see...

The "Tatty Teddy" look...  Not a good look at all!!!!

OMP I have no toes!! *no wonder typing is hard for me*

So off I went to the groomer for my wash and brush up...

First things first, into the bath and a nice massage with some horrid smelling shampoo.
Next was the clipping and trimming, not my favorite part especially around the old unmentionables *whispers* if you knows what I mean!!!

Met a cute little Poodle who went in to have his pom poms done, he didn't look very "Macho" when he left *muffled giggles behind paws* but he did look smart. 
If you likes that sort of thing!

I love the groomers, I get treats and it's my very own "Spa Day" as mummy puts it. Just hope she doesn't get any ideas about dying me silly colours or painting my nails as that would not be good for me...

 I have a reputation to maintain!!! 

 It's so relaxing I find, but not all pups enjoy the groomers because their hoomans haven't taken the time to train them, about being brushed and trimmed when they was younger.
Which is very sad, because the whole experience can be very stressful for them. Luckily where I goes at "Elstead Poodle Parlour" the ladies are very patient, and they soon wins any stressed puppies round, and teach them that grooming is a good thing..

So please remember people, even if your puppy has a short coat, getting him/her used to being groomed and handled as early as possible, will make things so much less stressful.
Even those nasty trips to the vets, as your puppy will stand to be examined and not struggling to get away, so the vet is able to make a diagnosis easily as they can examine them properly. 

OMP can't believe I mentioned the vets in this post! Must be my grey matter rambling on because I'm 10 years young now.

Anyway back to my little story...

When I'm finished, I then has a nice long snooze under the warm hot air thing that drys me, until one of the hoomans come to pick me up.

Lots of Oooo's and Ahhh's when I'm collected about how cute I look, and how much younger a good grooming session makes me look...

What do you think? I think I looks lean, sleek and sexy again *giggles shyly*

Takes years of me a good grooming!!!

What a dainty little foot I have BOL...

Hopefully now I don't have such big, fluffy, slippy paws I will stop making so many spelling mistakes on these little tiny keyboards, which are most definitely not designed for puppies paws BOL  


  1. Wow check you out handsome. Love you Mrs Robinson x

  2. Yes Badger...... your 'Spa Day' has taken years off you. And what sensible advice you have offered to fellow dog owners. Hope the weather doesn't turn cold, so that you don't get too chilly.

    1. Thank you Mollie, It was a bit chilly this morning, but after chasing my ball for a while I soon warmed up... Hope you's not in the Dog House anymore *giggles* xxx

  3. What fun you had! You are very photogenic and have a good 'posing' table too.
    Well-groomed and well-trained. First in Class.
    Lesley x.

    1. Ahhh thank you Lesley xxx Us little pups need to be trained to stand on a table for showing and grooming.. I used to be a show dog in my young days, but then I never grew big enough to show as an adult, so took up my new career as a Media Hound BOL xx

  4. Badger Boo, thank you for sharing your good advice! I used to have a Cocker mix an he went to the spa regularly, but my Greyhound mix has gotten me out of the habit, as I can provide her beauty care at home with ease. I have recently added a labradoodle to our family. When I was picking my mom's poodle up from his spa day, I inquired about prices for my new boy and the gals at the spa were very enthusiastic about telling me ALMOST WORD FOR WORD what you said above!! Thank you for reminding us of the benefits BEYOND BEAUTY!

    And you are very handsome in both forms; I like you rugged too!!


    1. Ahhhh thank you LatteDawg glad to hear you appreciates my smooth good looks and my shaggy good looks also BOL

      Glad to hear that I have spoken some words of wisdom, you have made an old pup very happy, Thank you again xxxx


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