Saturday, 25 February 2012

The World is Full of Spooky Coincidences

The strangest thing happened today, went for a wander around Godalming with Himself and Badger Boo, once we had finished in the town we decided to walk along the canal to let Badger have a run about for being so good and to feed the Ducks.

A very pleasant walk it was too, so many Ducks, Canada Geese and even a few Moor Hens. So glad I spent the time training Badger it's ok to watch the Ducks and whine, but a definite NO, NO to chase them, as with this warmer weather they may be thinking about nests although I'm not sure about that.

I have always fed grain to the Ducks after a friend of mine who was a Countryside Ranger at Lightwater, said they always fed grain to
the Ducks before the visitors arrive as bread just sits and ferments in their stomachs and they can't digest it very well. Now I'm no vet but what he said made a lot of sense to me!

It was so nice standing in the warm sun, no cold wind cutting through you I definitely think Spring is finally on it's way, and Badger Boo was so chilled out, kids were on there bikes and everyone was sooo happy...

Finally I will get to the original point of this Blog, but thought you would like to see the pictures I took. 
*about time too I hear you say*

Quite often when we are out and about, we bump into this couple who have a little black Cocker called Suki.

Himself and I often refer to them as our Stalkers, but it is meant in the kindest of ways as we don't know their names. Isn't it funny how  us doggy people always know the dogs name and even it's life history but know nothing about a dogs owners lol.

We have spoken to these people on many occasions and even bumped into them out of the area and we always stop for a chat. 

Today I had a total "Lightbulb Moment"

As many of you know I have to employ a Dog Walker for the Boo Boo Man, as I now work the inconvenient hours due to "Reasonable Adjustments" by my employer.

Obviously I checked out the references of my wonderful Dog Walker Jackie, and today myself and Suki's owner realised she was one of the people I had phoned for a reference as she uses Jackie as well.

Which explains why the dogs are always so pleased to see each other, they have a totally different social life that doesn't involve us at all lol.

Now that was a spooky coincidence!!!!

Couldn't resist adding one more picture of Badger Boo...


  1. Lovely photos of a beautiful Godalming spot (and Badger Boo)!

    I know what you mean about only knowing the dogs' names. I am getting a dog walker for the Boxers while in kennels, and it turns out she walks other dogs in the Village too, dogs that we know well from our walks.

    Small world.

    Lesley x.

    1. Thank you Lesley.. Have to say getting a Dog Walker was the best decision I have ever made, Badger is so much happier now he is getting so much exercise... I can't really give him as much as he needs with my Arthritis, and Cockers get very bored if not exercised properly xxx

  2. Hi Dawn, I thought that it was only me who knew all of the dog's names but never the owners ha ha! Great photo's by the way!
    Greetings from Belgium,

    1. Thank you Joanne, I think it's a common problem in the doggy world lol xxx


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