Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Far to Tired to Care

Today is one of those days where I've had just about enough!!!

I'm sick of being in pain!!!

Sick of people around me thinking they know what is best for me!!!

Unless you have been here, you have no idea how relentless and debilitating pain can be!!!

Yes I'm grumpy today!!!

I'm grumpy because certain people are voicing their opinions!!!

Insinuating I sit around doing nothing all day!!!!

It is very, very hard to keep going when every movement causes excruciating pain!!!

But I do keep going, because if I stop, I'd stop forever!!!

Don't judge me, when all you know is what you think you know!!!

Believe me, you don't know even half of it!!!

If you are reading this, you know who you are!!!

I suggest you keep your stinking nose, out of my business!!!

At least get your facts right before dictating to me!!!

Rant over


  1. :o( - big hug when you get home xxx

  2. Hey Dawn, you are right. I shouldn't have made light of your pain.
    Hoping the pain settles down soon.

    1. OMG Lesley, sorry, this wasn't aimed at you in any way... It's an old post but it's the sort of day I had yesterday, so decided to re-share on my facebook page,( )rather than write a another new moaning status, forgot it linked to twitter..

      In fact I hadn't even noticed if you made light of things, I have many friends on here and consider you one of them, I hope I didn't upset you by thinking I was having a pop at you, I honestly wasn't... It is somebody else and they do know who they are...


      Dawn xxx

  3. No one has the right to assume they can judge people. It would be lovely if we all lead lives that were so perfect, had family that are so perfect and i wonder how many people really do lead this life. Lucky them if they do. Cant stand being judged about family, i have my issues with mine and always thought i was a good mum but at the moment they are all giving me grief in one way or another and feel another day of it and i will crack up.I know this is different from physical pain but breaks my heart when i think of the sacrifices i have made for my children and none of them seem to be here when i need them except when they want something. Dont get me wrong i love them all but just wish before unloading all their problems on to me that they would ask how i was for once and silly i know but felt so hurt by my daughter who did not even send me a mothers day card but just a text yet only a couple of weeks ago we were out having a family meal for her birthday which of course we paid for and made sure she had a nice birthday. My oldest son who i am so worried about has problems which i would rather not go into and my youngest son is seeing a specialist about his liver.He stayed with me the weekend and got me a card which i am grateful of but it may sound trivial but i lost my mum at 29 with my youngest son on the way age 62 of heart failure and also my sister of 52 and if my mum was alive today i would only be too willing to be there to help her no matter what problems i had and it was nothing to do with money as she had none, just loved her for being a great mum. Sorry for going on, just wondered if anyone else felt the same or am i being petty, i dont know as i am not an angry person and would do anything not to upset people.

    1. Oh June, family can be the worst sometimes can't they? Sometimes I think the hurt family and some people in general cause can be much worse than physical pain!

      At least with physical pain you can take a painkiller or rest, but with pain of the heart, there is no escaping it!

      Mothers Day must be awful time of the year for you without your mum, I really feel for you and it must be so very difficult without her.

      I was once told that "we always hurt the ones we love the most" and I believe this to be true..

      Children, even grown up children don't always support their parents in the way we would like, and I'm sure it is because we have always be there for them being the strong one, and they honestly don't realise how hurtful their comments or lack of interest can be...

      I too have made sacrifices for my son and I know I've not been the best mother because of my drinking. For many years he wouldn't speak to me without shouting at me and making me feel very small indeed! On my phone I still have the vilest text he ever sent me, I don't know why I have kept it, but I still look at it occasionally to make me realise how far we have come...

      I have always tried to be there for him even when he hated me, and over time we now have a much better relationship, these things don't happen overnight, but time has helped a great deal.

      I know how heartbroken and dejected you must be feeling that they aren't giving you the support you need, but there are people who support you and I'm one of them.

      There is nothing silly about how you feel, I think most people feel that way at some point in there lives... According to my mum, I made her life a living hell when I was younger by my actions and things I said, I was shocked when she told me, as I had no idea I was such a cow to her! As that is not the way I remember things happening, so maybe a chat with your daughter and explain how the text made you feel, in this age of technology young people don't realise the importance of a card, as texting is all they do nowadays..

      I love a hand written letter, an email just isn't the same, even if the words are...

      You know where I am June, please message me if you ever need to chat...


      Dawn xxx

  4. Nobody has the right to judge anybody else. nobody.

    I am sorry you are in pain. Sending you a gentle hug to try and make it better.


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