Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Good and Bad all in a Day

Yesterday started off like any other day, with a fistful of pills before I got out of bed, then once they start to kick in it's time to get up and face the day.

Breakfast:- Yummy
Annoyingly my delicious breakfast of pills didn't seem to be casting their magic spell as well as usual. So I decided I had better get up before I fell asleep again. Then pain of my Arthritis started screaming in agony once I started moving. This is not unusual, but yesterday I was in more pain than I usually am when I get up.

Most mornings getting down the stairs is a long, slow and painful process, but yesterday I just couldn't face it, and took the easier option of scooting down them on my backside. Not very dignified, but so much safer as I have fallen down the stairs on a number of occasions trying to walk down them when the pain has been really bad.

After feeding Badger Boo and doing some of my physio, I realised my left knee wasn't going to free up enough for me to drive, and my back was in total agony still, so I had to phone in sick at work. Not what I need at this time when they are trying so say I'm no longer fit enough to do my job.

I phoned the Doctors Surgery and amazingly got an appointment for that day! When I got there they were running late as usual, also what is it with those chairs in the waiting room? They are a killer to sit on when your back is bad.

I'd forgotten I should have gone back to see her last month for the result of the X-Rays on my neck. What a shock to find out that I have severe Spondylitis in my neck, which I may also have in my back causing me all this pain, it is probably what is trapping the nerves to my right hand which is why it is always numb and tingly, she then signed me off work for 5 days with strict instructions to rest and she would arrange for me to see a Specialist.

I was feeling pretty down when I left the Surgery as I headed off to Boots Chemist to pick up my prescription for the week, next I popped into the Bakers for a couple of cream doughnuts which I felt I deserved.

When I'm on my way back to the car I hear my name being called, I ignored it, it couldn't be me I know so few people in Godalming so kept walking. Then a lady approached me saying "It's Lesley from twitter" then the penny dropped, it was the Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford.

How wonderful to finally meet, we chat most days about allsorts and Lesley has given me a lot of support over the last few months, and although we don't actually live that far from each other we've never met up before. 

We had a lovely chat and parted company agreeing to meet up for coffee and a chat very soon. I left with a spring in my step and a cheesy grin on my ugly mug.

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  1. You were very polite, pretending to know me when I called your name. I could have been any sort of weirdo ;-)

    So glad we met x.

    (Thanks for the mention of my blog x).

    1. I meet a lot of weirdos Lesley, but you seem to be the safe kind lol

      I'm glad you called out, sometimes I'm not very aware of what goes on around me so would probably have walked straight past you ...

      D xxx


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