Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Some Normality at Last

Life is finally starting to return to normal, Himself is now up and about and although he is still in a fair amount of pain, it is now under control.

On Saturday we went to Busbridge fete, and Himself felt up to doing some fake wounds on the St John Community First Responders stall, the kids really love it and it raises some much needed funds for equipment.

Himself applying the makeup for a bruise...
Great fun was had by all, at one point we had a longer queue than the face painting stall. Some fantastic wounds were done, although sadly no pictures due to legal requirements and permissions needed for photographing children.

The finished Bruise...
There were a variety of stalls of homemade produce, plants and crafts, I had a lovely time walking round with Badger Boo and it was so nice to be doing something normal again.

A lovely mosaic on the side of the pavillion...
By far the most popular stall was the Water Slide, and everybody had a fantastic time on it even the adults. I would love to have had a go, but with my Arthritis I would probably have hurt myself so decided to give it a miss.

At the end of the day when the clearing up was being done, Jenny, one of the CFR's braved it, so of course I was there with my video camera to catch the moment.
Well it would have been rude not too!


  1. Brilliant! So glad you are all up and about and having fun!

    Great make-up, and good fun on the water slide. Did Badger Boo have a go?


    1. We had a great day, it was so nice to be out and about again, plus wer had fantastic weather.

      D xxx

  2. Oh good golly gosh Miss Lesley, I most surely didn't want a go, they were using ** whispers behind paw** soap!!! Far to much like having a bath for me..

    I did have a pawsome roughhouse game with Himself which mummy videoed.

    When my fluffy paws have dried out from this mornings walk I'll upload onto my blog, you'll love it.

    Hopes you are feeling much better today and the Boxers have been good nurses.

    BB xxx

  3. That's good news that Himself is feeling much better. Hope you and Badger boo are well too?

  4. Thanks Jill, Badgers head is also slowly getting better too.

    D xxx


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