Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I Hate Technology!

Here I am trapped at home bored out of my skull, my back is so painful I can't do anything, especially that huge pile of ironing that just keeps growing in the spare room.

 Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm not brilliant on the computer so part of my re-training with this whole Job/Medical Retirement/Dismissal thing was to do an IT course, to enable me to find some sort of admin job.

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The boredom was becoming so overwhelming I decided to be clever and start my IT computer course at home to give me something to do, it had all been set up at the Education Center and I'd made a
start on it there, so I knew how it all worked, so I logs in and reads all the bumph and then click the "continue my learning" button.

I get a window telling me I need some flash thingy, I think ok I can do this, all I have to do is follow the instructions.Three times I tried loading it, and it still wouldn't work, how chuffin' annoying is that!

So I phoned the Education Center and had a bit of a moan and was told to phone Learn Direct Helpline as they were more clued up on these things.

I had to use the house phone as it's an 0800 number, once I'd pushed for all those annoying different options, the automated voice informed me I was sixth in the queue. Decision:- Do I wait or do I phone back later?

I decided to wait as I had nothing better to do, at least they weren't inflicting my ears with rubbish music. Every 30 seconds or so I was given an update on my position in the queue, it actually moved pretty quickly.

When I was informed I was second in the queue, the battery on the phone started beeping as the battery is well knackered, I've had that cordless phone since "God was a Boy"

A massive dilemma unfolds, the laptop is plugged-in in the lounge and can't hold a charge, and I'm now stuck on the phone in the hall attached to the wall!

Suddenly I remembered the load speaker on the phone, turned it on so I could hear what was going on and hobbled into the lounge. Grabbed the laptop and lead, plugged it in the kitchen and pulled it into the hall.

Oh no, it was still miles from the phone, at this point I'm next in the queue and the computer goes off as I've not switched the plug on. Then a little voice says "Hello how can I help you today?"
I explained my problem and she waited whilst I got the extension lead and turned the computer back on.

It turns out the course is not compatible with Google Chrome but no-one at the Education Center told me that, and I needed Windows Explorer. Very patiently she went through it with me and we got the course working. I said thank you and good bye, then settled down to start the course.

Guess what the first lesson was:-

How to Use Windows Explorer

Only me!!!


  1. Oh my lord...the comedy of errors! You poor dear, I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you! :) xxx Betsy Kiehl

    1. The good thing is that it's sorted now so will be able to continue tomorrow Betsy.

      Has it started to cool down yet or are you still so very very hot there?

      D xxx

  2. I am having probs with this computer...I am thankful for technology, but sometimes I'd like to throw it out the window! LOL!

    1. Oh yes I'm thankful too, have met some wonderful people on here, yourself included, who I would never have met in real life, but sometimes aarrrgghhh don't you just hate it lol.

      D xxx

  3. Deep breaths Dawn. You have to start somewhere. Tomorrow will be a better day x.

    1. Tomorrow I will sit here and work my way through it, it was just so funny to be learning what I needed to know to start the course. Daft but funny.

      D xxx


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