Friday, 20 July 2012

Godalming Olympic Torch Relay

Today it was the turn of Godalming (my home town) to have the Olympic Torch Relay.

What an amazing afternoon, the town was absolutely packed full and the weather was fantastic, we got there a bit late and finding somewhere to stand with a good view was not easy.

I knew it would be busy so opted to leave Badger Boo at home, it really wasn't really the place for a small dog and all those feet, I did see an awful lot of dogs there, but was happy we had made the right decision.

We just kept walking along the route until we finally found a spot that was a little thinner and took up residence for the duration, but more people were arriving all the the time.

I have no idea were they could have all parked, we rode our bikes down, as although there is a lot of car parks in Godalming I didn't want to be walking for miles to get back to the High Street.

There was quite a procession of liveried vehicles, sorry I've not included those pictures as it's not my job to advertise their products.

The atmosphere was amazing everyone was so excited, and many flags were being waved and people had their own torches too.

The torch bearer we saw was Roger Black, the noise of cheering as he went past was deafening. 

I'm so glad we went to experience the magic of the event as we bumped into people we hadn't seen in years. 



  1. Great pics Dawn - it looks lovely, so nice the weather was good. Roger Black lives 'just around the corner' from us - so a very local lad.

    1. I took over 60 pictures it was so hard to decide which ones to post but adding more of them to facebook.

      D xxx

    2. That's good news - I love pictures of local places and events.

    3. Jill I've now added a load to my facebook profile xxx

  2. I never realised you lived so close by!

    (P.S. I'm totally saving that pic of the cyclist's butt to sit on my desktop! lol)

    1. Hahaha hope it brings lots of pleasure.

      Just seen where your from, I work very close to there so even nearer than you thought lol

  3. Umm, which cyclists butt?

    Anyway, love your photo's. So good to see Godalming at its beautiful best x.

    1. Himself says it's the chap in the first picture minus his bike, if not he's got a nice butt anyway **drool**

      I was speaking to someone yesterday, and they were told there were approx 27,000 people there, not sure how you would have counted everyone but there were an awful lot.



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