Sunday, 27 November 2011

Think about it!!!!

Have you ever experienced pain?

Of course you have..

I live with constant pain every day. It's not something I like to go on about, but I feel it needs a mention... Too many people are quick to judge about my state of health because on the outside I look fine, most of the time I have a big cheesy grin on my face and am joking about. When in fact it's a cover for that way I'm really feeling!!

I don't like to go around with a glum face moaning all the time, telling everybody my woes, although too some people that is a way of life. I just want to get on with things, and live a normal life for as long as I can before the pain of my Arthritis takes over completely, and the massively high doses of painkillers I'm on are unable to
keep me working and supporting myself financially.

I'm not the only person in this position, many people have inner demons of one sort or another, which may have a massive impact on their lives! It may not be pain, it may be a mental health issue. But what makes people think they have the right to judge our situations!!!

Have you ever decided you know something about somebodies situation, when in fact you know nothing..

Think about it!!!


  1. you usually find dawn that people who have not got much to complain about in life are the ones who go on and on about how hard done by they are.Like you say because you put on a false smile and appear to be ok people dont realise what is going on inside. some people moan about the slightest thing and i want to scream at times, i could go on for ages as i get so angry and have issues to deal with myself but try and stay positive although difficult at times. no one on facebook would have much of a clue about me personally as i do not put too much stuff about myself and think they would be very surprised if i did. some people are so ignorant about things, rant over!!! arthritis is a terrible thing, my dad had it and i know how much pain he was in.

  2. Copied and pasted from Jackson Pyrenees on Facebook to my dog Badger Boo's own profile, it was so good I though it needed to be put here also:- I enjoyed reading your blogs. I think you should keep writing. My mom is a former high school English teacher, and she always encouraged her kids to write, even if no one ever read it. Writing your thoughts and feelings down is good for the soul, it helps you feel better. We liked your recent blog about judging people without knowing what is going on inside them. This is very true. Hope you have a good day, and we are glad we have made friends with you out here on facepoop!!

  3. Thank you June, I know what you mean about wanting to scream.. Everyday that is exactly how I feel, especially when I'm with somebody who only moans on and on about the slightest thing whilst expecting me to be sympathetic to their needs whilst not showing the slightest concern about how others are feeling!!!

    It's not sympathy I want, just a little understanding and consideration as to how on some days I maybe need a little extra support,or to be left alone to get on with things...

    Everybody has their own Demons to deal with as you know, but I find the best way to deal with them is to remain positive, and to continue to live my life in a way that hopefully will help other people to deal with theirs. Therefore being beneficially to the people that I come into contact with...

    A smile costs nothing, if you smile at the people you meet, it can make such a difference to somebody who is having an awful day.. I know this because it has happened to me, when a total stranger has given me a warm greeting or smile and it has lifted me from the depths of despair and made the rest of my day feel so much better...

    A smile is as infectious as laughter, so I ask everyone to remember:- Smile and pass it on, it can really make somebodies day..


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