Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dog Friendly at "The Snug Bar, Godalming"

"Look into my eyes daddy and order from the sweet menu"

As many of us Dog Owners are aware, finding somewhere to eat out with your dog can be a nightmare, well today we took Badger Boo (our Cocker Spaniel)  into The Snug Bar in Godalming and had a wonderful welcome, it is well worth a visit...

Whilst taking our order our waitress Amy asked if Badger Boo required water, I was surprised but said "Yes please if it's not to much trouble" and a large bowl of water was brought to our table and Badger Boo was laying there drinking it like it was an everyday occurrence in his life lol...

The menu is very varied and the prices are good value, the choice was difficult as there was so much on there we wanted to try, eventually we made a decision after much deliberation, and placed our order.We didn't have to wait long before our food was brought
to the table and boy were the portions huge, I had a Cheese and Bacon Burger plus Chunky Chips... Himself had a Cheese and Mushroom Burger and Skinny Chips all I can say is, they were delicious the burgers were the best I have tasted in a very long time, I even slipped a little to Badger Boo (he is a very fussy eater) and he gave it a definite paws up... Unfortunately we were unable to sample the sweets due to the fact we were stuffed to the gills, but next time we most definitely will...Whilst eating we discovered we had an audience of the hairy black variety, who wanted to join us but his human had other plans and he soon passed us by...

I totally recommend you give The Snug Bar, Godalming, Surrey a visit we has a lovely time and so did Badger Boo....

A poor doggy looking in on us feeling hungry..


  1. It's so hard to find places in which the hounds are welcome. You're so lucky!

  2. You're so lucky. It's hard to find place in the US that welcome the houndies

  3. Vicki, unfortunately they are also few and far between in the UK, so it's great to share the places we can go too..

    We like to try and take Badger everywhere with us, if he can't come we don't go!!!! Obviously there are some exceptions, but he is like child to us so must be included...

  4. Great review of a great bar!

  5. It's a great place, not too many dog friendly places about these days, so they need to be publicised more... Dog people need places to go and get good food... Pity you didn't leave your name annonymous x


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