Friday, 21 October 2011

My Dog Badger Boo

Here's a couple of Badger Boo's Daft Adventures from this Summer

Here I am ready to go on my next adventure, and where have my humans disappeared too??? Remember to train your humans properly so they won't wander, then you will never be kept waiting around like me!!!

Just got back from seeing the piglets, they's really grown since I last saw them. We chased each other round the field and I got really muddy. Mummy said she couldn't tell the difference between us, and was going to take a piggy home instead of me *barking to prove who I was*. Wish she had left me there now, as I had to have a bath when I gots home 'cos mummy said I was covered in piggy poop *I thought I smelled rather good*. Me and mummies going to have a sofa day when I'm dry and do nothing 'cos she is feeling
tired too, so I'm going to have a nap just waking occasionally to tell the doggies next door to be quite and making sure the garden is safe from predetors. It's not often we spends time doing nothing, but it makes a nice change to just have lots and lots of cuddles to myself and be spoilt more than usual BOL

Me and Blue got into so much trouble yesterday, Because when we was playing chase, we galloped through all the flowers, they were squashed and flowers went all over the place. We got shouted at, but we were having so much fun we ignored him!!!! Don't know why he was upset, they smelt really good and he didn't have to pick any of them as we had already done it. When mummy came to collect me, she thought it was funny too, but had to pretend to be angry so I would be allowed back to play with Blue again!!! I promise to try and be good next time I visit, but my idea of being good and theirs are totally different... BOL

It all started as a bit of harmless fun between myself and a few friends, and now Badger Boo has nearly 1000 followers and friends, in fact he has more than myself and is very busy with his social life online lol...

Badger Boo has his own facebook group and a large fan base, if you want to see more of what he has been up to check out his fb group!/groups/273294092706/  or you can follow him on twitter!/Puppy_Views....

Hope you have enjoyed this snippet of my mad life xxx

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  1. Check me out in the picture, all ready to drive away on some adventure, then I'm kept waiting by the humans, as per usual *shakes head and sighs*


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