Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Me, Myself and the Others


Since joining the 21st Centuary and  the world of Social Networking I have met some wonderful people who I consider to be good friends... There is always somebody online to chat to when I'm feeling down or have some good news to share, especially if it's daft o'clock in the morning and I can't sleep due to the pain of  my arthritis...

I have a daft sense of humour,  love a good joke and there's nothing like a really good "Belly Laugh" to brighten up your day....

Now I have started this blog, not really sure how it all works but I'm sure I'll figure it out as time goes by. Boring you to tears with
stories of my beloved Cocker Spaniel, my continuing fight against my mental health problems, my never ending recovery from alcoholism, or my fight against weight loss and giving up smoking...

I absolutely love Rottweilers, but I've not had one  for many years now due to my ill health, but they used to be a massive part of my life and I used to enjoy showing them... We won many prizes and I have even exhibited two of my Rottweilers at Crufts...

I have a very cute Cocker Spaniel now called Badger Boo, he is 10 years young and pretty much the center of my world, and he goes virtually everywhere with me... I believe If he is not welcome, then I am not welcome, as he is part of my family...

My partner (who I always refer to as himself) and I have an allotment, which we tend together, I tell him what needs doing, then sit and watch whilst he does all the heavy work, then I take all the credit.. We started with it in May 2011 and have been very impressed with our efforts... Can heartily recommend growing your own vegetables they taste sooo very good...

Himself lost in the jungle of vegetables, can you see him? Lol

Roma, my first Rottwieler, I got her in 1985

Soldier and Meegan, half brother and sister

Our very naughty, but cute Badger Boo
Just a short potted history of my bonkers personality, and I hope you enjoy reading this Blog as much as I enjoy writing it...


  1. I can't see my daddy here, but I bets I can sniff him out BOL

  2. I ♥ ur Blog u always make me smile when i'm having a crap time of it to ... ur nearly always there at stupid O'clock to share a belly laugh or 2 .. I am proud to call u my very dear friend any1 should be also ") xox Lou xox

  3. Awwww Thanks Lou

    You are nearly always there for me at daft O'clock too for me, sometimes you are the only person who keeps me sane!!! xoxoxoxox

  4. You are quite something Badger's Mum. x (I'm a friend of B's from FB)

    1. *claps paws and jumps about*

      Glad to see you here Mr Dave .

      Badger Boo xxx

  5. *blushes* Thank you Dave for taking the time to comment... I'll let Badger know you found you way here x


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