Saturday, 23 June 2012

A Cunning Plan *but still no answers*

It seems like an absolute age since I last had some news to update on the Job/Medical Retirement/Dismissal interviews.

On Wednesday had another long train Journey this time to Portsmouth

HMS Warrior

I was terrified about having to go to the interview on my own, as I was informed Himself wasn't allowed to attend, plus he has only just come out of hospital on Sunday. I was only allowed to take a Union Representative or a Work Colleague, but I had only been given two days notice, so it was impossible to find somebody who was free to come.

Himself kindly traveled down on the train with me, although I think he was in some serious pain, he didn't admit to it!

When I got to the location, 45 minutes early, I was informed I hadn't been booked in as a visitor, and would have to wait.

I was not at all impressed, I then proceeded to ring all the people that were to be interviewing me, several times, but all I got were answerphones! As time ticked on my messages were getting more and more manic, but still no joy!

At 1005 we decided we would leave at 1015, as we would have been waiting an hour by then.

Just as we were about to leave a lady came to collect me, we informed her how long we had been waiting, but she swore we had been booked in previously.

I left Himself and I went off like a lamb to the slaughter.

After a long and confusing meeting, it has been decided that I will be re-trained in IT skills, so I can hopefully find another job with in the company doing admin work, but whilst this re-training is going on, the paperwork for my medical retirement will be started

It just doesn't make any sense to me, I still don't know what the end result will be, you can't be medically retired, and still work for the same company.

Personally I think the interview was a cunning plan to pacify me until the medical retirement comes through, and I have to join the ranks of unemployed.

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  1. This doesn't sound like a very good situation at all. I really hope you can get something sorted, It's a really horrible position to be in xx

    1. It's not the best, I was in total meltdown about the whole thing a few months ago.

      How is Emily? Not had a chance to catch up on other blogs this week

      D xxx

  2. Hhhmmm, obfuscation ( a favourite word of mine). One wonders where this is all going? Trying to stay positive for you x.

    1. Oooo must look that word up, my favorite is erroneous which is what this situation is.

      D xxx


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