Monday, 4 June 2012

A Step in the Right Direction

On Saturday it was Godalming Town Show, I really wanted to go, but   Himself was volunteering on the St John, Community First Responder stand, which meant I would have to go alone.

I rarely go out alone as I suffer crippling Social Phobia, after much faffing about and giving myself a stern talking too, I brushed off  Badger Boo and we set off in the car.

When we got to the carpark, we sat down and had a rest for about half an hour, whilst I built up the courage to face the crowds.

I knew where the stand was, so took a blinkered route there, and met up with the Community First Responders.

Himself was doing Casualty Simulation (Cas-Sim) wounds on people to raise some much needed funds for the CFR's.

What is Cas-Sim I hear you ask?

Cas-Sim is the making up of fake wounds, some of them can look very gruesome and realistic, but as it was a family day, Himself  stuck to doing bruises and small wounds, and the kids loved them.

Where the magic happened.

Glass in a wound.
Whilst all this was going on, Badger Boo had the very important job of supervisor, and of course not forgetting, looking cute.

Looking cute is jolly hard work.
He was keeping a close eye on proceedings, and was content everyone was doing what they were meant to be doing.

Badger Boo ensuring the CPR is done correctly.

I was surprised to see what must be the worlds smallest Police Car on one of the stands, it had blue lights and everything!

There were some fantastic displays in the main arena, but I could only watch from a distance because of the crowds, and sadly my pictures of the events were of very poor quality, as I only had my small camera with me.

There was an amazing procession let by these drums, they were brilliant, but I had to move away, as Badger Boo was rather concerned by them, I was a little surprised at his reaction as he is normally not concerned by loud noises.

There were lots of people in the parade and I especially loved the custom motorbikes.

What started off as a dull overcast morning, turned out to be lovely and sunny, I had the most enjoyable afternoon, and even got to check out a few of the stands without to many people around them.

Feel very proud of myself for going on my own, because as strange as it may sound, having Badger Boo with me, helps an awful lot with my confidence.

I just couldn't resist adding a couple more pictures of Badger Boo lording it over us...


  1. Brilliant post, Dawn! You captured the spirit of the day perfectly. So glad you enjoyed it.

    (Why does Badger Boo's tongue always hang out in photos? :-)


    1. Thanks Lesley it was a great day.

      Can't say I've ever noticed his tongue always being out, but it was pretty warm by the time I took these pictures.

      D xxx

  2. I love this post - I think it's brilliant that you were able to get out there and enjoy the day. I completely understand why having Badger Boo with you gives you a bit more confidence - I feel the same about Murdoch. It means that you'll never want for something to talk about because you have a walking, talking conversation piece with you! xx

    1. That is so very true Amy, plus he's someone sensible to chat too when I get a bit stressed. I might even get down to see the Jubilee Run a bit later, I'm feeling that brave at the moment.

      He does attract a fair amount of attention when out and about, especially as he seems to be one of the very few docked Spaniels in these parts.

      People always think he's a pup and are shocked when I tell them how old he is, and that docking was legal when he was born, and that usually leads on to a nice chat and a friend to say hello too on the odd occasion when I'm out and about.

      D xxx

  3. Well done Dawn! I'm so glad you DO come out - we'd be missing out on a lot if you didn't xxxx

    1. Ahhh Thanks Steph...

      Stitch 'n' Bitch has done wonders for my confidence, been going out a lot more since I plucked up the courage to pop down and meet you all..

      D xxx


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