Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Godalming Jubilee

Glad I made the effort to go into Godalming today to watch the Jubilee Run with Badger Boo and Himself. 

Wasn't sure if I would feel up to it, having had a busy weekend I was feeling a tad jaded, but it was a great afternoon.

We watched the start of the race, then proceeded to The Bury's to check out the "Sport for All" activities.

I'm not that sporty nowadays with my Arthritis, but Himself is a canoeing and climbing instructor, so there was plenty for him to look at whilst I wandered along with Badger Boo looking interested...

There was an amazing craft stall with Liqourice  Allsorts made of felt, very realistic, they looked good enough to eat. I did ask if I could take a picture but she said "No" but I can understand that, she probably thought I wanted to steal her ideas. So if you see her stall anywhere, she is worth checking out for an unusual gift.

Then my day was made, Himself saw the "Scrumptious Fudge" stall and we were off on a mission! 

I looked for them on Saturday at the Godalming Town Show but they weren't there, much to my disappointment. These people make the most amazing Fudge, in so many varieties. Whenever we see them we buy loads of the stuff, and it keeps us going until we next see them out and about.

Sadly they don't have a website, so I have no way of contacting them to order their yummy Fudge, and rely on seeing them at Markets and Fetes. If anyone knows how to contact them please, please let me know, because once you have tasted their Fudge, shop brought stuff just doesn't cut it!

Just seen The Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford's blog and realised we'd missed the Royal visit, but it was great to see the pictures of Surrey Army Cadet Force talking to Prince Edward, I bet there were a few knocking knees on parade as he was going round. There is also a lovely picture of the Corps of Drums, I'm sure they performed to perfection as usual.

We really must nip down to Surrey ACF HQ sometime to say hello to everyone, as we've been really bad about not keeping in contact with anyone since we left.

We then took Badger Boo home, and went on to Guildford as I've had a Gift Voucher burning a hole in my pocket since my Birthday.


  1. Gabby o'connor5 June 2012 at 03:12

    Dawn....just want to say that I always read with interest your Facebook posts about badger boo and general musings. I don't know if you remember me, Gabby O'connor .... I am living in the USA now...and want to thank you for postings re your life in the UK, a welcome reminder of life back home!...keep doing your stuff...I am a fan!

    1. Of course I remember you Gabby, and thank you for your lovely complement.

      Glad you enjoy my ramblings and moans about life and Badger Boo.

      Thank You agan for taking the time to comment here.

      D xxx

  2. Lovely pics, and thanks so much for the link to my blog.

    Thanks too for the correct name for the cadet corps :-)

    So pleased you had a good day and found the fudge x.

    1. It was a great day Lesley, shame we didn't get a. chance to meet up, but one day I'm sure we will.

      Hope Little Big Dog is feeling better on his new meds now?

      D xxx


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