Saturday, 23 June 2012

My New Phone

Not sure what came over me, the other weekend, I dragged Himself into the Vodafone shop and decided I wanted a new phone, as the contract had run out on my old one a few years ago, and the battery is always letting me down, so I have to carry my old Nokia X6 and my sons old iPhone all the time, to ensure that I have a fully charged phone should I ever need to make an emergency call.

So I'm now the proud owner of a HTC One S. I've no idea how it works yet, but gave the camera a quick go and I love the quality of the picture (for a phone that is). 

Zoomed in as much as camera will go,
as sculpture on other side of canal in Guildford

It even lets me crop pictures, don't you just hate it when something creeps into shot, like that red car!!!

It does so many different things, most of which I will never, ever use. My mobile phone is only ever used to make phone calls (shock horror) and take pictures, I have no need of anything else. I like being stuck in the past, but can appreciate the benefits of technology. 

Here are a few random shots I've taken with it.

Flower in a box Guildford High Street

Not an appropriate way to display the Union Jack!!! The Square, Guildford

Fantastic window display in Godalming Shoe Shop, Godalming
I love it

HMS Warrior Portsmouth Dockyard
Obviously it makes good phone calls too, it came in very useful for when Himself was in hospital as I finally learnt how to send texts, and we were in constant contact, which was nice.


  1. Ooooooooo fancy!

    Don't you use Twitter on your phone? xx

  2. Only on the WiFi as it is pretty slow otherwise, that is the downside, my old Nokia may have been basic but always had A good signal for Twitter and fb

    D xxx


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