Saturday, 16 June 2012

On the Turn of a Sixpence

You've probably heard the expression "On the Turn of a Sixpence"

Well this week our lives changed overnight! 

I can't go into too much medical detail at present, as Himself is still in hospital and I've not told him I'm writing this, so feel it would be unfair on him, but I really need to write about it.

On Tuesday Himself went into hospital for a routine operation involving an overnight stay, all went well, he was in recovery and I made my way to hospital to meet up with him on the ward. 

When I arrived at approx 1930hrs I was told he was still in recovery and to wait in the day room, so I waited, and I waited, and I waited.

Eventually I was allowed to see him at approx 2330hrs and was warned he was still in a lot of pain. 

A lot of pain, was a complete understatement! 

I'm ashamed to say, at first I thought maybe he was just being a wimpy bloke.

But it soon became clear that the was in absolute agony, he was heavily drugged on IV Morphine and it wasn't touching it! The nursing staff were excellent, and allowed me to stay with him even though visiting hours had finished many hours previously.

It was a very distressing situation to be in, but I just couldn't leave, Himself has spent many hours of his life beside a hospital bed when I have been unwell.

Eventually he dozed off and I made my exit as it was now the early hours of the morning, but by the time I got to my car I realised I was just to exhausted to drive home. I got a blanket from the boot and slept in the car for several hours before making my way home.

The next afternoon he was discharged, and I raised my concerns about whether the pain he was in could return, but was assured it was just post op pain.

Himself was understandably exhausted when we got home so he went to bed and asked me to wake him at 2230hrs if he wasn't up for his medication.

I had a peaceful evening dozing on the sofa and watching TV, I heard Himself get up and walk around about 2015hrs but left him to it. Then all of a sudden he is shouting in agony. I got up the stairs as fast as I could hobble, to find him doubled up in agony on the bed,  I gave him his painkillers but they didn't help, so I called an ambulance.

He was then re-admitted to hospital as a Failed Discharge, and another long night was spent on the ward with him, and then sleeping in the car.

By this time I was close to exhaustion myself, my medication was out of kilter and I was not coping too well, but I've had no time to feel sorry for myself.

It turns out he has developed a complication, which has been known to happen occasionally (trust him).

It is now Saturday and Himself is still in hospital and drugged up to the eyeballs. When I left tonight, there was talk of him maybe coming home tomorrow if he can control the pain tonight.

I came home hoping it was all over, and then a few hours later, I receive a text from him, to say he has had yet another agonising bout of pain.

Will he be home tomorrow? 
Will the pain ever get under control?
Will life ever be normal again?
Who knows?

 What I do know is, the ward Himself is on has a great team of nurses, Himself has a wonderful nurse called Venson, he's American and brilliant at putting everyone at ease, he never seems to stop and it's as if he never goes home, plus I love the way he always calls us females "Mam"

I've had some fantastic support off people, some of whom I've never actually met in person. 
Thank you for your wonderful support in this hardest of times, it really is appreciated.

It's shocking how quickly things can change "On the turn of a Sixpence"


  1. Dawn, I really hope himself is on the mend soon - it must be rotten being so much in pain. Let me know if you need anything

  2. Lots and lots of good wishes for Himself and, just as much, for you and Badger Boo. As long as he is OK, hope he comes home today. XX

    1. So do I, running out of things to talk about now lol xxx

  3. Hi Dawn, that sounds very frightening for you both. Waiting to hear more news from you today x.

    1. He sounds pretty perky on the phone and he is now feeling bored which is a good sign, just waiting for the Dr to do his rounds, I'll let you all know asap xxx

  4. My goodness. It sounds as thought it's been a very frightening time for both of you. I very much hope that Himself is free from pain in the near future and that you can both start to get back to normal. Sending enormous amounts of love - and a big lick from Murdoch for Badger Boo xxx

    1. Thanks Amy, was pretty stressful but now into a routine, so getting enough sleep at last xxx

  5. I'm so sorry to read this, it must be so exhausting, not to mention scary. I really hope he is starting to recover and that you are coping ok xxx

    1. Things are a lot better now k you, he has been home a couple of days, it was very worrying and exhausting, but I think things are on the up now xxx

  6. Pleased to let you all know Himself came home yesterday, he had an agonising episode late last night, but not so bad he had to go back to hospital.

    Hopefully he will be able to manage the pain at home from now on,

    Badger Boo was beside himself with joy to see his daddy again, and won't leave his side.

    D xxx

  7. Good that he can control the pain - and so much better to recover at home with you and Badger boo looking after him. Hope you are OK too.

    1. All is good here now thanks Jill, I've gone back to play on the Magic Roundabout, and Himself is getting the most excellent nursing care off Badger Boo, who won't leave him alone for a second lol.

      D xxx


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