Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Vets, Vets, Physio and Jumpers

Last week we thought Badger Boo had a stroke which was our Vets diagnosis, he was very ill and it resulted in a referral trip to Fitzpatricks, better known as the Bionic Vet

What an amazing place, luckily for us it is quite near to where we live, but people travel across the country to attend this amazing practice.

We were told by our vet he would need an MRI scan to determine whether or not he had had a stroke, luckily for my purse after the most in depth examination it was decided it wasn't a stroke as he was showing none of the usual signs.

We saw Dr Tim, and after checking Badgers reflexes and bending him in all sorts of directions **none of which he minded I might add** a quick look in his ear found the source of the problem. 

It was a GRASS SEED! It  had caused a middle ear infection affecting his balance. To say that was an expensive and embarrassing experience is an understatement, thankfully we didn't have to have the humiliation of the MRI too.
I am most unimpressed with my Vet over this, as she looked in his ears on two separate occasions. The first time when Badger Boo was  so very ill, and then the next day when he had a severe allergic reaction to medication he didn't need to take. He hadn't left the confines of our garden and we have no grass since his first diagnosis, you work it out.

I am now looking for another Vet, until I find one locally he has been registered with my old Vet that I used to see when I lived in Haslemere, it is a fair journey but I trust him.


Whilst all this was going on I had a trip to see the Pysio-Terrorist, I thought it was about the numbness in my hands, but no it was about the pain in my back. It has already been confirmed I have Arthritis in my spine. But the young chap I saw **was he really that young, or am I just getting old?** got me to do a few stretches and tell him where it hurt. 

Then the embarrassing thing, I had to take my top off!

 Oh crikey what bra did I have on?

I have many bras some are newish and some are old, they all do their  job and you can read about that little **big** problem here.

Luckily it was a decent one so it wasn't too humiliating **relieved sigh** he poked me in the back in a few places and there was a lot of clicking, then when I got up there was no pain. Turns out I have a very stiff spine so I have lots of exercises to do as well as lose some weight, they always say that. 

Yes I'm fat, but I have lost an awful lot of weight as you can see here, if you click this link be prepared for a shock, the first picture is hideous! You have been warned!

The Black cloak is starting to lift a little and the OCD is a bit more under control, but I'm medicated up to the eye balls and hardly fit to string a sentence together some days, some days I seem to sleep all day, but at least the obsessive thoughts are fading away and it is a lot quieter in my head now.

Seeing the Doctor on Monday,  hopefully we can reduce my medication, so I can get back to the job that they are trying to get rid of me from. I'm getting quite bored at home but on the bright side I have finally finished the jumper I have been knitting for months. So I've been making use of my time.


  1. Lovin' jumper ...amazin' what u can do if u put ur mind to it .Well done u xxx

    1. Thanks Jacks I love it, its so lovely and warm xxx

  2. Thanks for the update, Dawn, on you and BB. You cover a lot of topics, and it seems that you getting back on top of things. I hadn't realised that the medication was quite so heavy, but sometimes it is necessary to opt out for a bit, to deal with things.

    Well done on finishing your lovely jumper - such a sense of achievement x.

    1. I'm very pleased with the way the jumper has turned out, it fits like a glove. I usually find jumpers are either too short in the body or the arms. this one comes down past my butt and keeps my hands warm too, perfection.

      BB is good now, hard to believe we thought he was so ill when he kept falling over. He is back to his old self and causing trouble. a trip to the beach always works wonders for me and it certainly helped him.


  3. Dawn, I feel so out of touch. I'm relieved about Badger and so proud of your jumper and your bag. They're both wonderful ("Oh Gemma, I can't knit cables!" YES YOU CAN!).

    Remind me next time I see you to tell you about when I had to get my kit off for the chiropractor. That's a story and a half...

    1. Thanks Gemma, I look forward to hearing about your trip to the Chiropractor lol.

      Yes I was very defeatist about doing cables but so proud of the result by perseverance.

      How are you? Seems like an absolute age since I last saw you.



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