Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Why Does It Always Happen To Us?

Himself has wanted a decent camera for some time, he has always been happy with a compact in the past, but lately has decided he wants to join me in my love of photography, and I'm more than happy to help with my pretty limited knowledge. If I'm honest, most of my pictures are down to having a brilliant camera rather than any skill on my part, but please don't tell him that!

On Saturday we went shopping to buy Himself his camera, he had done a lot of research and finally decided a Canon SX40 would suit his needs. All the lenses built in, and some really good features, in fact I was so impressed with it I'm seriously thinking about replacing my old Fujifilm S100 with it.

So off we went to Guildford and into Jessops, the sales assistant was a lovely girl and very knowledgeable, she suggested we also look at the Sony DSC-HX200V which was one he hadn't researched.

What a great camera, we both loved it, but we're very reserved about impulse buying, she printed of the
details for us, so we could go off and have a coffee and check it out on the internet.

Thirty minutes later, Himself decided that yes he would buy the Sony, so back to Jessops we went and then the problems started!

Firstly they found there wasn't one in stock!!

  "OK no problem" I said "How about we have the one in the display case? At a discount as it's not boxed up." I have a habit of taking over negotiations if there is a chance of getting any discount, Himself finds it really embarrassing, but I find I usually manage to get some sort of a discount. If you don't ask you don't get is my philosophy!

A deal was struck, I even managed to get a camera case and a memory card thrown in too, I was most impressed with the negotiations. I should have known things couldn't be that simple!

She searched for ages for the charger/download lead as it wasn't in the box, obviously the camera is useless without it. So she decided to phone another shop and get one sent over to arrive on Tuesday, I said we would only be interested if the price was the same, as lets face it there are plenty of places we could buy the camera today.

It was all agreed, all we had to do was wait for it to show up on the system and then Himself could pay for it. Approx 45 minutes later it still hadn't shown up on the system, by this time I was in agony from all the standing around, no offer of a chair was made even though I was on crutches! 

Sense of Humour Failure Time:- 

 Stated we had had enough and left the shop. That really is no way to treat a customer, the sales girl was trying her best but the system is seriously flawed! It will be a long time before we give Jessops our custom again, if ever!

Himself did get his camera in the end, we popped into Currys PC World on the way home to see if they had one. 

They did, we were in and out in ten minutes.

OK so  we didn't get the discount, but that wasn't the issue. 

We only wanted the camera!


  1. That's a big oops. I've never bought anything from that store. Glad G found the camera he wanted and is out and about, snapping away :-)

    1. He is having fun with it, its so different from mine I'm struggling with it, it seems very technical to me lol x

  2. Glad Himself got the camera he wanted in the end, shame such a problem getting it though. I'm with you - any chance of a discount, I am in there.

    1. I do love a bit of discount if I can get it lol x


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