Friday, 26 October 2012

A Note to Cesar Millan

"Well done Alan Titchmarsh" are not words I ever expected to be saying. 

He certainly took you to task about your outdated training methods didn't he?

Sadly there are so many clips, videos and TV series's of your outdated training methods, that even if you
did start Positive Reinforcement training, the message would only get through to a few of your fans, that is if any of them were even prepared to listen. 

Cesar please take note:-

Jordan Shelley, who caused much controversy when he appeared on The One Show last year with these outdated training methods, has since taken on board the complaints and started to retrain as a Positive Reinforcement Trainer, and is doing very well at it by all accounts I have read.

Here's a link to a video of  how Jordan's training methods have changed since the time in his life I'm sure he now deeply regrets.

But he has learnt to move with the times, can you?


  1. A very important post, Dawn.

    I don't know about Jordan Shelley, but I have seen many of the Cesar Millan programmes. I don't agree with the use of shock collars or violence against dogs to control bad behaviour, but I do think he has a point about owners being more assertive and in control. Owners who cannot control their dogs (large or small) are dangerous.

    I like positive reinforcement because it allows a closeness to develop. Brin the Boxer doesn't respond to food treats, only pleasing me. Whereas Themba would only work with a treat x.

    1. Thanks for your comment Lesley I agree all dogs should be kept under control for everybody to remain safe.

      Our dogs are all so very different. Badger Boo won't work for treats or for me alone, but get a squeaky toy out and he will do anything for you. It's just a matter of finding out what your dog think of as a high value treat.

      The best thing about positive reinforcement, is the fact that the dog WANTS to do something because it is a pleasurable experience and he/she learns to trust you. As opposed to the Alpha way, where they are being given no choice in the matter, he/she has to do it or there will be consequences, which can cause a lot of stress.

      In all the years I had Rottweilers I NEVER had to dominate them, kick them, grab them by the throat, force them into submission or use an electric collar to snap them out of anything as Cesar does, because I never let the situation escalate to that point where I needed too, and I worked with a lot of difficult Rotties when I worked in rescue.

      Sadly as such a public figure so many people copy his training techniques, with no idea of timing or recognising signs of stress in their dogs, sometimes with disastrous results for the dog and the person.

      He has a responsibility to keep up to date with modern training methods and move with the times.

      Anybody who thinks their way is the only way to do something are very irresponsible!


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