Friday, 7 December 2012

News at Last (sort of)

As many of you know the the last nine months have been pure torture for me, because my employer decided that I wasn't fit enough to do my job anymore. 

Yes I have severe Arthritis and yes it was a struggle to do my job, but I'm still able to do my job as a result of some reasonable adjustments that were put into place approx two years ago.

In those two years I have been happy in my work, and had very few sick days. In fact in nearly 13 years of working there, I have never hit the trigger point for disciplinary with my sick days.

I registered my Disabled status with my employer approx five years ago, as with all things computerised, systems get updated and Disability details needed to be re-entered, which I duly did as it's a legal requirement.

As a result of updating my details, I received a letter saying I needed to attend a medical, I have since attended several, all with the same result. 

I'm not fit to work!

I disagreed with these findings, due to the fact I was still at work and doing my job. So a meeting was called and I was interviewed by several people from various departments.

In June I completed all the paperwork for my Medical Retirement/Dismissal very reluctantly, and started my IT course to help me find another job.

As the months dragged on there was no news on the retirement/dismissal/job front and I'm still attending work full time. I would rather stay at work in a job I love, but I have come to accept it's for my own welfare these decisions have been made.

On the 30th October I received a letter stating I was being Medically Retired not Medically Dismissed, which is a massive relief, as I will be getting a small pension. If the findings had been for Medical Dismissal I would in a world of financial hardship, as you can imagine it was a huge relief!

I don't know when I will be actually retiring, there has been no mention. 

I'm still attending work!

It's got to the point that I've had enough! 

They got what they wanted, so just give me a leaving date and let me go! 



  1. Hhhmm, so what's the plan, Dawn? Do you get a few month's notice, or if another job comes up can you just leave?

    Hope you've got a relaxing w/end planned with G and BB x.

    1. To be honest Lesley I have no idea, all I get is answerphone messages when I phone to find out the next step.

      I'm now looking for a part time job in my local area so fingers crossed xxx

  2. I'm really sorry it's not the outcome you wanted, 'retired' is better than 'dismissed' but still must be a worry to you. Its also ridiculous how long these things take. No thought to the mental wellbeing of the person going through it. xxxx

    1. It has dragged on for a ridiculous amount of time, just need a leaving date so I can move forward finally x


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