Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Big Thank You to Himself

Himself deserves a massive "Thank You" for all the things he does for me.

This last year I have been a total nightmare to live with, what with the impending loss of my job, my constant mood swings due to medication, the fact I can be a total nightmare to live with because of my constant nagging, if things aren't done just so because of the O.C.D and the restrictions we now have on our lives due to my constant pain

He takes it all in his stride and just lets me rant and rave at him without too many words of complaint, I rarely say thank you and I'm not into public displays of affection but he deserves it, he really does

I'm not a big fan of Christmas as it fills me with dread, but Himself really made my Christmas this year. He presented me with tickets to go and see War Horse  early next year.

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I have wanted to see this for ages, but it all seemed far too complicated for me to organise as I really hate going to strange places, and get so stressed about trips away. I always put the brakes on anything Himself tries to organise as the thought of going away just freaks me out!

The only way we ever get to go away, is if it gets sprung on me so I have no choice in the matter, which is exactly what he has done!

Thank You Himself
You are The Best
I Love You


  1. What a lovely post, Dawn. I hope Himself sees it. He sounds fab. Happy New Year to you both x.

    1. He is a great person, he does so much for me/us xxxx

  2. Thank you - love you too

  3. What a lovely thing for him to do. He obviously loves you very much too. I hope it made Christmas a little more bearable for you. xxx

    1. Thank you, it was a lovely surprise he's a Very kind person xxx


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