Thursday, 23 August 2012

Finger Physio Overload

I've been knitting like a mad thing over the last few weeks to try and get my jumper finished.

I took up knitting again as I was in serious need of some finger physio as I have Arthrits in my hands. To say things didn't go well at the start is an understatement and you can read about that little trauma here.

The pattern was simple enough knit four purl two, then the next row was purl four knit two, these two little stitches made quite an impressive pattern I thought.

Looks a lot more complicated than it is...
Here is a picture of the front, I then went on to do the back, when these were finished I started to struggle with the pattern it made no sense to me at all.

Luckily I knew just the ladies to help me out at Godalming PurlJam, my local Stitch n Bitch group. I had never heard of a "Three Needle Bind Off" or "Pick up and Knit" Luckily they were able to help me out and I was able to join the shoulders and do the neck, very neatly I think.

Now all I have to do are the sleeves and then I'm finished, I will be glad to see the end of this, my first big project. It has been very hot sitting with this thick woolen jumper on my lap in the mini heatwave the UK has been enduring lately.

My next projects will definitely be a lot smaller in future!

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  1. I am very impressed, Dawn. And how is the arthritis after all that knitting?

    1. It has helped a lot, my hands are still swollen, still and tingly in the mornings but they do free up a lot quicker now.

      Before I started knitting again it could be nearly lunchtime before I was able to use them without too much pain.

      My aim is to be able to lift a kettle to make myself a HOT cup of tea in the morning, it never tastes quite right doing it in the microwave.



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