Friday, 24 August 2012

Prince Harry and Those Crown Jewels

I'm sick to death of hearing about naked photo's of Prince Harry!

 Lets face it we are all naked under our clothes, it's not like the poor bloke is abnormal in any way.

Although granted none of us loyal subjects have the Queen as our Granny.

He was doing nothing illegal. He was in a private suite of hotel
rooms, NOT out in a public place exposing himself! Just playing a game which he is obviously rubbish at if he lost all his clothes.

Does this mean that from now on we must be fully clothed in a hotel room? In the shower? In bed? Asked Jill on twitter when I tweeted my annoyance.

His Security people have failed him big time! Why weren't phones confiscated from these people and confidentiality agreements signed before they were allowed to join his private party?

Prince Harry is a young man, a Soldier who was having some down time, his life must be very restricted because of who his family are, but he just gets on with it.

How unfair that he should be treated in this way, just because a despicable moron decided to take some pictures of a young man having fun and make some money from them.

You can see numerous drunk people in this country exposing themselves in any large city center on a night out, but they never get in the papers and they are committing a criminal act!

Shame on you The Sun Newspaper for publishing them! Was it a slow day in the newsroom?


  1. I totally agree Dawn, but like you say the phones should have been taken off everyone. I dont think this will do anything to his reputation as most people like him and the fun side to him. I would like to be a fly on the wall though, can you imagine what is going on behind the scenes.

    Why the Sun decided to print the pictures is old news as have been published in america ireland and on the internet.

    He is a young man and is having fun and like you say that is not illegal, I think he is great xxx

    1. He does an amazing job.

      A shame his security let him down badly by being so slack, just lucky it was a camera they used and not a gun!

  2. I agree to. I don't care who you are are what title you hold, when you are in your private space what goes on in there should be private It's rude to him, and his family as well and not because he's a royal. As for the rest of it, the boy s young enough o be my son and that makes it gross :). Hugs Dawn

    1. Totally agree with you Anonymous, GROSS is the right way to describe it..

  3. I mostly agree, Dawn, there was no harm done. Except that at his age and with his pedigree, perhaps he should have known better?

    Anyway, I saw the photo's - there isn't much to see. I think The Sun did the right thing.


    1. We have all done silly things after a few sherbets I'm sure. Some of the things I've seen drunk Soldiers do have been a lot worse but never made the papers.

      He will learn from this mistake, and I'm sure his security detail will be a lot more on the ball next time.

      I think we may have to agree to disagree on The Sun's actions Lesley but I respect your opinion, thank you.


  4. I think the press were very wrong in what they have done to poor Harry!


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