Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Stripped Bare!

Have just had a great weekend away at East Wittering with Himself and Badger BooBadger had a fantastic time, he loves the sea and his ball it's his favorite combination. For a bit of fun we got him to jump over the groynes.  I think he deserves a Gold Medal for his efforts as he is nearly 11 years old with poor eyesight because of PRA.

In the evening we witnessed the most amazing red sky as the sun went down, a lovely finish to a super day.

The next day we came home and I did something very silly.
 Whilst running the bath I was updating my facebook when tragedy struck, I dropped my relatively new phone in the bath!

As it was drying in the airing cupboard for a few days I had no means of interacting with my twitter and facebook accounts, I really missed my morning tweets with Lesley and Jill and posting my gripes about life in general.

Without my phone I felt totally naked!

I've had a mobile phone since the 80's and my first one was the size of a house brick and felt like it weighed the same too. I've never really been that interested in social media, but about three years ago when off work after a major operation I was bored and decided to give facebook a go, all my friends were on it but it had never really interested me.

Within weeks I was hooked, I'm now in contact with so many friends I've not seen since school. In fact our last school reunion was organised totally through facebook by Mark Harris, it was brilliant.

I did go a bit mad at first and had "friends" from all over the world over 1000, I soon worked out some people just collect friends, so I did a massive clear out and now only have people I know personally or have been in regular contact with, I rarely accept new "friends" unless I know them these days.

These friends have helped me over some very difficult times, there is always someone online if I need to chat and vice-versa.

I then set up a group called Badger Boo's Daft Adventures I used to write it as myself, until someone suggested I started a profile for Badger Boo to interact with his members as it was so popular, and Badger Boo Media Hound was born.

Badger Boo then started on twitter as @Puppy_Views, this was a whole new world and led me into the world of blogging which I absolutely love, Badger Boo also has his own blog about his Daft Adventures. There are so many amazing people and blogs to follow but as usual I have rambled off on a tangent.

My phone was dead and I couldn't contact anyone due to the shifts I was working and the need for sleep when not working. I try to stay of the pc unless I have a few hours spare, as there is so much to see and people to talk too and I have been known to stay up all night just chatting and reading blogs.

A few days without my phone was a complete nightmare!

So it's official, the person who used to scorn people for spending there lives on social media, is now 100% addicted to it.


  1. I did wonder whether the sunburn was more serious, and that was why you had disappeared from my time line.

    Glad it's all OK now, blogs updated and twittering away x.

    1. Normal service has been resumed, sunburn was not pleasant always so careful but couldn't get hold of any factor 50 so opted for factor 30 BIG MISTAKE.

      Hope all is well with you, just seen about Themba being unwell again (((hugs)))

      Dawn xxx


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