Friday, 31 January 2014

Smile it's The Weekend Blog Hop {10}

I found out a couple of weeks ago that the Specialist is happy to operate on me now and let me have a pair of new knee's. I'm understandably very nervous about the operation, so I've opted to wait a few months to allow me to lose some more weight. The less I weigh the more chance of success.

The diet has pretty much fallen by the wayside these past 18 months or so, what with everything that's been going on here, but on Monday I took the bull by the horns and jumped on the scales with my eyes shut. As I opened my eyes and peeked at the reading I fully expected to see I'd gained a lot some weight, but I was in for a pleasant surprise! 
I had actually lost 4lbs since I'd last weighed myself, how amazing was that!

So it's out with the chocolate and processed food, and back in with home cooking and sensible eating, I hadn't realised how easily I'd slipped back into the bad habits again.

It's been a tough week food wise, but to take my mind off the cravings for chocolate I've finally made a start on the huge pile of ironing that's been taking over the bed in my craft room. 
It's not strictly exercise but it's not sitting around on my bug fat bum either, at last I'm back to not wearing clothes that look like I've slept in them.

I'll keep you all updated how I'm getting on, but don't panic I won't be boring you to death with pictures of what I had for Dinner, I really hate it when people do that, mostly the food they post looks so unappetising as food is really hard to photograph well. 

If your a new follower you can read all about my weight loss story so far here, but be warned the first picture is hideous and I won't take responsibility for shock it may cause you.

Hope you all have great weekend.

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I
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  1. You are surely a courageous lady ... and you have come a long way (all before I knew you). But, some battles never end and wieght is one of them. If only we could continue to eat the right way all of the time, but it doesn't seem to happen that way. I too am on a diet. I need to lose the 20 pounds I have gained over this terrible cold, activity reducing winter. So I will come here for encouragment and to encourage. It is important to lose weight before the surgery so I know you will stick with it. I am happy for you because I know what a difference it will make in your life when you get your new knees. I'm pulling for you, Dawn. Keeping busy is a key, but I'm not sure ironing would be my choice (uug!). I buy all permanent press so I don't have to do that ... oh my:) Be well and be strong ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. That's a lot to smile about. Have a super weekend. I'll try to link up my Surrey Life blog which is a bit funny this month :-)

  3. Lots to smile about this week :)
    I love my chocs and bad foods but find it hard to be healthy every day. I am trying though and surprised everyone at dinner with lot of healthy oven cooked vegetables :)


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