Friday, 7 February 2014

Smile it's The Weekend Blog Hop {11}

It's that time of the week that we all love, it's almost the weekend. Because of that I just love Fridays, it's my favourite day of the week.

Years ago Friday was always Pay Day, the day your Boss gave you that little brown envelope full of cash with everything hand written on the front. When did we stop getting those and Pay Day become monthly and your money went straight into the bank? It sure didn't seem the same once the little brown envelopes stopped, did it?

A quick update on the diet front, after a tough week full of cravings and a couple of blips, I jumped on the scales this morning and I've lost 5lbs this week, yes you read right 5lbs.
Feeling pretty pleased with that but know it won't carry on that way, I'll only lose a pound or so a week from now on.
 I wish it was quicker but 1lb at a time is the healthiest way to lose it and keep it off, fad diets just don't work because as soon as you start eating properly again all the weight just piles back on again.

Badger Boo had a trip to the Groomers and came back looking a right little smarty pants, he really enjoys posing for his post groomer  picture. He knows as soon as it's done he always gets a chewie for being good.

As soon as I lift him off the table he starts charging around the garden barking his head off, telling me to hurry up, nothing like the serene pup you see in the picture. I really like this picture as it's the first one in ages that his cataracts don't show up in.

Poor Badger has had to go on a diet too, whilst he is by no means fat he is starting to get a little bit of a covering over his ribs. I've never had to worry about his weight before as he's always been a finicky eater, but over the last few months food has suddenly became his number one priority. Prevention is better than cure so I've nipped the weight gain in the bud.
Wish I was so strong about myself though!

Hope you all have a great weekend

Me, Myself and I
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  1. Happy smiley weekend, Dawn and BB x.

  2. He's a very cute dog! I have 3! I found this on Reflexions blog hop. Now I see more I can look into. Great! Congrats on losing 5 lbs this week!


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