Saturday, 18 January 2014

Some Good News at Last

Morning everyone, apologies for the lateness of this weeks post.
Yesterday was a day of celebration, as I went to the hospital to see my Specialist about whether or not he thought I was finally at a stage that he would operate on me and give me some new knees.

My Arthritis pain has got a lot worse since I was forced into Medical Retirement, but try as I might I'm no where near as active as I was when working, because nowadays I don't have to force myself to keep moving.

The good news is:
I can now have new knees whenever I am ready mentally to have the operation done.

Himself is now recovering well from his latest operation, he only has one more small procedure to go, which is removal of the stent, then it's hopefully life back to normal again.
So we have an awful lot to smile about this week after the months and months of doom and gloom that have overshadowed us lately.

Hope you all have a great weekend too.
Me, Myself and IMe, Myself and I

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  1. That is such good news. So pleased to hear that things are looking up for you both at last.

    1. Thanks Sarah, been following your progress with the house, so a great start to the year for us both xxx

  2. Well, take a deep breath and dive in because it will make a big difference in your life if you get your knees done. My friend has had both of her knees replaced and she is really happy with how it turned out. My other friend had hip replacements and it made a big difference in her life ... all to the good:) So congratulations to you and to Himself. Pain can be the most eshausting phenomina and when he is all healed up he will be like a new man. I am happy for you both.
    I have been on the run all week (without Izzi) so I don't have an Izzi post for you this week. I am on my way out the door now to go to my granddaughter's gymnastics meet ... Maybe I will post about that on Smile It's the Weekend. But that said, you have enough to smile about so just enjoy your good news and I will see you, either tomorrow or next week.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Good luck with preparing for the op - hope it goes really well and you recover smoothly.

  4. Come on Dawn, go for it. Fab news indeed x.


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