Friday, 24 January 2014

Smile it's The Weekend

I walked into my bedroom this morning and was confronted by the cheeky Badger Boo just chilling out on my bed without a care in the world.

He'd obviously had a good root around to get comfy looking at the state of the soft toys, but how could I be angry when he just looks so darn cute and makes me smile all the time at his daft antics.
 I'm convinced he does all his silly things on purpose, he's a natural clown and seems to get a real pleasure when he hears us laugh.
Laughter is the best medicine after all.
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Me, Myself and I
Me, Myself and I
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  1. Well you looks comfy and warms ... not like it is heres. I loves your bigs toys. Can you shakes them to deaths like I do mines? My Mom is leaving me todays ... all days until tonights. And then she is doing it agains on Sunday .. it's those darn birds again:(. Maybe I should moves in with you Badger Boos ... you gots room for mes? Anyway, I hopes you has a good weeks and thinks of me as I mope about my house without my Moms ...

    Izzi @ From The Sol

    1. No Izzi BB is not allowed to shake these toys as they're mine, in fact the little tinker shouldn't even be asleep on the bed **tuts**

      We have room for you here but I think your mum would miss you when she gets back so best you stay and wait for her. She does a nice thing for the birdies, just think, they have to stay in on their own when you go for a walk xxxxx

  2. Bless him. Just have to smile x.


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