Sunday, 26 May 2013

Where Does The Time Go?

Now I'm retired I seem to have so much less time to do anything these days. 
I'm always so busy, how did I fit everything in before?
The past couple of weeks have been exhausting!

I had to have an emergency Dental appointment, More expense I could do without! My bridge shattered one of the teeth that supports it at the gum level, so I had to have a peg drilled into my jaw to support it so it could be refitted again. It's still really achy but the pain is dying down now.

The car had it's MOT and passed but needed a service, as my son has really clocked the miles up on it in the past year that he has been borrowing it. I'll be so glad to get it back next month, not having my own car is really getting me down now. 

Although I have the use of Himself's car it's really not the same, always having to make sure he's not using it if I want to go out or catching the bus is a real bummer. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, he's been a real star about letting me use it. I just hate being dropped off and picked up all the time, if I go out I want to leave when I feel like it, not at a set time. 

Stone Pit Crafts was born, which I'm very excited about.
 I've got my work area all sorted in the spare bedroom.

I've got myself a Domain name to set up a website, but having real problems trying to take it to the next stage. I thought getting it through Google/Blogger would be easy as I'm using it already, but I'm not finding the Help pages very Helpful at all, any hints, tips or tutorials on this subject would be much appreciated please.

The allotment is starting to take shape at last, this year we are only using the bottom third as there's still a lot of manual work to do on the other two thirds. I've covered most of the area to keep the weeds from growing and now I have a petrol strimmer, I'll soon make short work of all the weeds and grass at the back.

The acupuncture I'm having done is amazing! It really does work, I'm so much more mobile and my pain has been reduced by about half. I was very skeptical at first, but now I'm a total convert. Maybe I'll be able to reduce my medication at some point as a result, I sure hope so.

I've had to start wearing one of these weird wrist things, as the Carpel Tunnel in my right hand is causing me a lot of trouble, thankfully the left hand isn't playing up at the moment.

The problem is, when I'm wearing it I can't use my walking stick as it keeps my wrist rigid, so I have to take it off to go out, but the stick aggravates it badly. 
Catch 22
There has been talk of an operation on it, but it's something I've decided against for the time being after discussing it with the Specialist, as I won't be able to use my walking stick for approx four weeks to aid the healing process. 
Yeah right, how the heck am I supposed to get around then?

For my Birthday Himself treated me to a photographic workshop with Robert Barclay who was formerly a Fleet Street Photographer for many years, what an awesome guy. 

He was the subject of my Silent Sunday post last week and here's another of his awesome expressions.

We all spent time taking pictures of each other doing different poses, but Himself had to put is own spin on it which you can see here
I hate my picture being taken, but there are some really good ones of me that look really natural too. When I've received all the emails from the others on the course and sorted through I'll pick out some nice ones to post.
 I'll finally have a profile picture that I actually like at last. 

Just to finish off here's a couple of "arty" pictures I took that day that I really, really like.
Hope you do too?


  1. I love your photos! It's so ironic that you seem to have had more spare time when you were working than you do in retirement. Actually, I have heard that before from various people I know. xx

    1. It sure is lol, I assume it was because I had to be a lot more organised then,

      I'm catching up on a lot of stuff around the house now that I've let slide a bit over the last couple of years so maybe that's what's eating into my time now.


  2. That's a great catch up post, Dawn. Hope your wrist and tooth will settle down. Are you still going to acupuncture?
    The allotment looks fab. It is our 4th of veggie gardening and I do feel more confident this year - hope the weather plays along :-)
    I'll pop over to Stonepit Crafts next - hope your crafty party went well x.

    1. Hi Lesley the crafty party went well I'm even more inspired now. Still getting the accupuncture and saw Pain Specialist yesterday, he's very pleased with my progress.

      Allotment is hard work but looking even better now we have finally got rid of all that long grass :o)

      Hope you and yours are well?



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