Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mumbo Jumbo and Voodoo

I'd like to start this post with a "Big Thank You" to Lesley Beeton for all her support. 
She recommended I ask the Doctor to refer me to the Pain Clinic, when my Arthritis was really agonising several months ago and having a severe negative impact on my life.

As a result it was recommended I try acupuncture. 
Yeah right, it's all mumbo jumbo and voodoo isn't it?

Well I'm telling you it really, really works!!!
 It's not for everyone I grant you, but it has improved my pain management no end. I feel great, so great I just scared the chuffin' life out of myself when I realised I'd just trotted down the stairs like a normal person without thinking about it. 

Normally I have to go down one stair at a time hanging on to the hand rails in case my knee's give way, they do quite often. I've fallen down the stairs on numerous occasions sustaining minor injuries and one time dislocating my shoulder.

I've been having Reflexology for about five years now with Christina Driscoll in Camberly and it's great at keeping me moving, but as my Arthritis has got worse I've needed something a little more.

The first acupuncture session was all new to me and little scary, but it didn't stop me sneaking my camera out to prove I'd had it done, to those who thought I couldn't go through with it.

I won't lie, it did sting a bit when Gev (my Physio-Terrorist) put the needles in, but soon I couldn't feel them at all. As the weeks have gone on I now have much bigger needles and a lot more of them, although I've never thought to count how many.

I'm still on some pretty heavy duty painkillers and hopefully I should be able to start reducing them soon, but one step at a time I don't want to rush into anything to quickly.

I'm linking this post to The Gallery as the theme this week is "New" and acupuncture was new to me.

So if someone suggests it to you for pain management, give it a go.
You have nothing to lose except the pain. 
I'm so glad I did.


  1. Ooh ouch, that photo makes me want to rub my legs. Hope it works for you!

  2. Wow. I've heard such great things about acupuncture. I was even considering using it for fertility problems, but in the end didn't need too. I hope it helps reduce your pain.

  3. That is so great, Dawn. My Dad is the world's greatest sceptic and if it worked for him, I reckon it will work for most people.

    1. PS. Love the new blog background x.

  4. I'm glad it works for you Dawn. Aside from that, do you feel like a pin cushion?? xx

  5. i so hate the idea of this but i have heard some great things x

  6. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough the thought makes me shudder, but good for you for giving it a go and it's great to hear that it's working

  7. You are so brave! I had an Aunt who swore by acupuncture x

  8. It looks exciting! I have always fancied acupuncture.

  9. So which hurt most the tattoo or the acupuncture?

  10. Looks like fun to me, love a little measured pain! Good luck I really hope it works wonders, might get my mum to give it a try x


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