Thursday, 30 May 2013

Smile it's Friday

We certainly have something to smile about this week, the allotment is finally looking tidy after approx 7 weeks of hard graft in our spare time. Just in time for the June inspection too **Breathes a huge sigh of relief**

The Rhubarb has settled in nicely after it's traumatic move from our old allotment. So far we have Potato's 1st&2nd Earlies just poking their shoots through, also the Garlic and Onions have taken off. The  third bed is still empty, it's reserved for all the seedlings in the green house when they are hardened off a bit more, as it's still so bitterly at night. Feeling very pleased with ourselves with what we have achieved in a short space of time.

Look we have stuff growing whoop whoop
 We've opted to keep the main part of the allotment covered this year, that's to keep the bulk of the weeds and grass under control and hopefully make it easier to dig in the Autumn. You can see how long the grass had got, looking at the allotment next to ours on the right. A heavy duty petrol strimmer was needed to finally bring it under control.

Looks good to me :o)
You can see how bad it was before we started here.

Now let's see who else is smiling today :o)

Me, Myself and I


  1. Wow! Good work Dawn! It's so obvious you all put alot of sweat into your garden.

    1. Its certainly been hard work, but now seems to be taking shape nicely at last.

      Lets hope the weather doesn't ruin the growth season like last year, were already late starting because of the cold x

  2. Good job Dawn. Happy Sunday smile too :-)


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