Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Strange Week

I have had the strangest week.

Monday:-  I made what has become the normal round of phone calls, trying to find out what the heck is going on with my job!

Tuesday:-  My back and neck were agony, so had to come home from work early and go to the Doctors, she thinks I may have a spur on my  neck trapping the nerves and making my hands feel all numb and tingly, so need an x-ray doing for that. In fact just remembered, I've still not phoned to make an appointment.

Wednesday:-  What a grotty day at work, with my back still playing up and I was trying to keep my temper as best I could, as a
certain someone was driving me bonkers with mundane chatter about nothing in particular. Then when I got home I had to bath Badger Boo, as he was covered from nose to tail in Fox Poop, bathing the dog is not a good idea when your back is killing you. When I finally got to sit down, and have a rest my knitting went totally wrong!

Thursday:-  Started really badly, I overslept but managed to get into  work with seconds to spare, asked  one of the supervisors for some information, next thing I know I'm in total meltdown and bawling my eyes out about the whole job situation, so embarrassing! But he was really good about it, and arranged a meeting with my new line manager, and you won't believe this, he didn't know anything about  the medicals and the threat of medical retirement!!!! 

We had the longest meeting, nearly two hours, and discussed all options as the process had been started, and although he couldn't give me answers there and then as he didn't have all the information, he will be looking into it, and we're to have another meeting next Tuesday when he has all the facts, he also set my mind at rest that if I was to be medically retired, I would be given fair warning. It was a relief to finally speak to somebody that would give me a straight answer.
When I left the office I was totally drained and felt like a wet dish cloth and was totally exhausted!

Friday:- Overslept by TWO HOURS! But felt really good as I had just had the best nights sleep in months, although I did feel a bit tight in the chest I was feeling good. Especially as on the drive to work the sun had finally put an appearance in after a week of rain, rain and more rain. 

Got to work ten minutes early, which for me is a miracle, and all morning the sun was blazing through the window warming my back and making me feel soooo very warm and happy for the first time in months. Felt like a huge weight had at last been lifted from my shoulders.

Saturday:- Woke up feeling most unwell, my chest was very tight and I was wheezing very badly, so needed my inhaler for he first time in years, good job I keep a check on the use by date and replace when it runs out. Went with Himself to change the tyre on the camper van, as it had been flat for several months and for some reason the vehicle doesn't have a spare, so needed to take the wheel complete to a garage so they could change tyre. 

Photo on 2012-05-12 at 14:02.jpg
Yep the tyre looks dead to me
What a nightmare it was to find a garage that stocked the size tyre we needed. Turns out we probably got the last one that size in the South East according to the very nice garage man. When they checked the tyre, it had a massive split in it, so we are now £151.20 poorer, but better that, than the tyre fails when Himself is driving. I don't think Badger Boo was too impressed by our trip out, no sand or sea to play in. A boring trip out for him but very essential, if he wants to go to the seaside and have his Daft Adventures.


  1. Hi Dawn, it sounds like working with a new line manager might be quite a good thing generally. Hope your chest is better today, and that you are having a nice day out.
    Lesley x.

  2. I think to might be right Lesley.

    Still feeling pretty rotten at the moment, so just trying to take it easy, feel as weak as a kitten.

    D xxx


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