Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Quick update

Morning, just a quick update. Doing it on the iPhone with no WiFi so not sure how successful it will be. Fingers crossed it posts.

 Not sure if I've mentioned my numb tingly hands before, but yesterday I couldn't feel anything and my back was excruciatingly painful. So I had to leave work and went to the Doctors.

 She suspects I may have something called a spur in my neck trapping the nerves, so have now got to have an Xray and see a Specialist to investigate. Sadly I can't have any stronger Morphine, as the last time they upped it I could barely function.

 Wish these problems would come to an end with my health, it's getting harder and harder to stay strong.

 Sorry if this post looks a bit different from normal, but never done it on iPhone before and there are no editing options.


  1. Hi Dawn, thanks for the update. Sorry it's not better news.

    Of course, you must have this investigated. Just wondering if you've been referred to the pain clinic? My Dad has been in terrible arthritis (neck) pain and was referred for acupuncture, which is offering some relief, together with his normal pain meds.

    Lesley x.

  2. I did ask the Doctor about a pain clinic referral some time ago, but got told they don't have one at our surgery, which I think is slightly odd.

    Been having Reflexology for about 5 years and that helps a lot, but it's just so expensive, even on mates rates.

    Must give Milford Hospital a ring to book the XRay when I get home, mind like a sieve.

    D xxx


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