Saturday, 5 May 2012

Items for Himself

This week I've been crocheting, as I had a lot of wool left over from making Badger Boo's 'kerchief.

I've said before, Himself used to be in the R.E.M.E  so I have a lot of Blue, Red and Yellow wool.

So I decided if football nuts can have a towel with their team on the parcel shelf, I would crochet Himself one for his parcel shelf based on his old corps stable belt.

My inspiration, the R.E.M.E stable belt

I didn't tell him what I was up too, and could only do it whilst he

was out or he would have recognised the colours.

So I took the measurements, then scaled them up and began. I knocked it up in two days, I was very pleased with my efforts, and it was so nice to see the look of surprise on his face when I gave it to him all folded up.

It now sits in pride of place on the parcel shelf for all to see. Since making it, I've been asked by three other R.E.M.E soldiers to make them one too.
Three days later he lost the leather case for his mobile phone, so I knocked him up a new cover in secret. Took me approx 90 minutes and he loves it. Well he must do he hasn't replaced the lost case with a new leather one yet.

Both these items were made with leftover wool, waste not want not.

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