Thursday, 29 March 2012

Nutty Nuthatch

The Nuthatch that thinks he is a Budgerigar!

This Nuthatch obviously thinks that his reflection is a threat, he has never bothered with the mirror before.

I can only assume that it's now the mating season, and he wants his reflection gone, so he can have his lady friend all to himself.

It's amusing to watch, but if he carries on I will have to take the
mirror down, and I would hate for him to hurt himself.


  1. Glad you liked it.

    It was so strange when it suddenly started to happen, just glad I had my little camera with me for the video.

    Dawn xxx

  2. I'm like you-I'd remove it for now as well !! Well caught, though :)
    Thanks for the link, Lesley.

    1. Hi Minkiesmum, sorry it's been a couple of days, no excuse really just been a bit tardy about checking the blog.

      Just to let you know the mirror is now covered and he sits on the top calling away, think he is showing off for scaring his rival away, will try and get a video if he does it again tommorrow.

      Dawn xxx


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