Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Devil Makes Work For Idle Paws!

Yesterday Badger Boo wasn't feeling too well, so he had a quite day at home and in the garden and was now feeling so much better today.

We do worry sometimes when he isn't himself, as he is now 10.5 years young and starting to slow down just a tiny bit.

This morning he had a gentle stroll to read his morning papers, had his gravy bones then Himself and I went shopping.

On our return, the house was unusually quite, no mad pup to greet us at the door, I had an awful feeling of dread that maybe Badger
Boo had been more unwell than we had first realised!

Thankfully how wrong I was, as we entered the sitting room we were met by a sight of a very happy pup trashing his latest soft football.

Badger Boo has many soft toys, and ripping them apart is most unusual, sometimes they will sustain the odd injury which requires me to perform surgery with a needle and thread. But on the whole soft toys lead a sedate life here.

Just not today, and not this one!

The football had had it's guts and squeaker ripped right out, and been shaken half to death!

When I asked who was to clear the mess up? He looked me in the eye and barked, as if to say "You are!"

Just goes to show, all dogs need exercise to keep their minds active, or they will find their own ways of entertaining themselves.

Luckily he only damaged one of his toys, and not anything that would be expensive to replace.

Little Tinker!

For more of his adventures check out his Blog


  1. And I bet he STILL hasn't cleaned it up yet!

    1. Nope it was down to me...

      Dawn xxx

    2. Serves them right for leaving me inside on a sunny day Gracie!

      Badger Boo xxx

  2. I had to smile. I make 'boredom busters' for the Boxers, in addition to their usual collection of toys, when we go out. These are margarine tubs with an assortment of edible/chewy delights inside, sealed tightly so they have to find a way in first. Keeps them busy for a few minutes, provides intellectual stimulation, as well as a distraction as we leave the house.

    Poor Badger, he's such a good boy, really :)

    Lesley x.

    1. He makes me smile too,

      I will have to put a few more of his video's on here, we have loads on facebook of his funny little ways.

      He's usually very good when we go out, but I'm sure he knows when the weekend is as he always stays with us wherever we go on weekends lol.

      As you can see he wasn't really bothered, it was just a big game to him, he had fun so I can't really be angry.

      When I'm at work he has a massive treat ball with his breakfast in, that normally keeps him out of mischief for a couple of hours until Jackie arrives to take him for a run and play for a couple of hours with several other dogs, and that tires him out util I get home.

      It's not ideal, as he used to come to work with me every day until the powers that be, decreed that nobody was allowed to bring their dogs in any more about 8 months ago! Caused a lot of problems for a lot of people.

      I was lucky enough to find a fantastic Dog Walker, that's why we keep him with us all weekend usually. As I feel guilty about not spending as much time with him as I used to.

      Pretty sure he was giving me some payback lol

      Dawn xxx


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