Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Change is good, isn't it?

A change is good isn't it? 
I sure hope so, I've been messing around with the settings and lost the layout the I liked for this Blog!

OMG I can tell you that is not good when you suffer from O.C.D. as badly as I do!

I've spent several hours trying to get things back to how they were without success. So in the end I decided to go for something completely different, that way I'm not going to be looking at it all the time and getting worrying thoughts.

It all started when I created a new Blog for Badger Boo, to stop
him gatecrashing this one. I got his how I wanted it, then when I went back to mine everything had disappeared!

Layout, colours and even the posts GONE!

Luckily I found the posts, hidden on the computer, but not being a technical type of person, and a very poor computer user, I was totally flummoxed. Basically if it's not facebook I don't know how the heck it works.

Anyway several hours later here I am, I think it's all sorted and I hope you like the new look? I think it looks a lot cleaner and nicer, but your input would be good. Is it easier to find your way around, and is it easier to read?

I certainly hope so...


  1. Looking good, Dawn.

    Love the pictures in Badger's Blog too.

    Lesley x.

    1. Thanks Lesley, I'm getting used to the colour change now *slowly*...

      Spent the day sorting the garden yesterday so feeling pooped today..

      Dawn xxx


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