Saturday, 7 September 2013

Broken Promises

Where do I start? 

Every day I log on with the intention of writing a blog post and nothing gets written, so much for the promise I made to you all.
 **hangs head in shame**
Things are so good and things are so bad here at the moment.

Himself is in so much pain all the time, it's heartbreaking to see him suffering so, but at last he finally has a date for his operation, fingers crossed all goes well for him this time.

I'm due to see the Specialist next month,  I've been in so much pain with my Arthritis the last couple of weeks.
 I had the X-Rays of my knees done this week in preparation, they're looking really bad now, bone on bone in both knees and no sign of any cartilage that I could see, which explains the agony I'm in. 

Got discharged from the Physio-Terrorist yesterday, I'm really going to miss my weekly
chats with Gev, she is such a lovely lady, and has really helped me come to terms with my limitations both mentally as well as physically.  

A total of 15 needles...

You can read all about my first accupunture session here and find out how much it has helped.

Yes I even take my knitting with me lol

Gev has also been a wonderful support to me about Himself's medical issues as it's sometimes good to talk to someone outside of the situation.

I have a real fight on with The Black Cloak at the moment, it's trying its best to smother me but I'm putting up a strong fight. I won't allow it to take over again, I have some effective coping mechanisms in place, but they don't stop me from feeling down all the time 

I'm working hard making things for my first Craft Fair at Applegarth Farm next week, as it draws closer I'm feeling the panic rising, what if nobody likes my crafts!

I successfully made the first box for my stamped candles, now only 11 more to do before next week.

Amazing Family Stamp Set
 I used the "Amazing Family" stamp set from Stampin' Up, I just love the font it's so very pretty.
I then used the Simply Scored Scoring Tool to make the box. What a brilliant piece of kit that is! Straight lines every time,

If you are interested in holding a Stampin' Up party you can find full details here.

~ Breaking News ~

Just found out I've been awarded The Liebster Award by Julie at Attempting to be a Domestic Goddess.

Thank you for giving me a Weekend  Smile Julie, it means such a lot to me, I'll be writing my full post with my nominations very soon.

Take care everyone xxx

Me, Myself and I


  1. I bet your crafts will go down well with lots of customers, Dawn xxx

  2. Nobody like your work???? They are all so beautiful and your box is lovely. good luck at applegarth, I am sure you will sell out. good news about Himself's op - fingers crossed for him and of course for you.

    1. Thanks Jill, so glad he finally has a date, just a shame it clashes with Applegarth but I'm sure it will all be fine, you know me always a worrier xxx

  3. And this: do give a shout if there's anything I can do to help while you're hurting and preparing for Himself's hospital 'holiday'..or to chase the cloak back to the back of the wardrobe! Love ya x

    1. Thanks Michele, lots of knitting, box making and card making going on here at the moment . Love Ya too xxx

  4. I am so sorry that you both are hurting so much. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. You are so talented Dawn. Your crafts are so lovely! xxx

    1. Thank you Betsy, it's a better day today thankfully, I just need to stop and write a list so I don't forget anything with so much going on at the moment xxx

  5. I hope you have a good weekend, and I really enjoy your blog :)

  6. I'm back! Thanks for the catch up post, Dawn.
    Fingers crossed for both of you - Nurse Badger at the ready.
    Where is Applegarth? The candle box is gorgeous - good luck xx.

    1. Hi Lesley thank you, hope you all had a good holiday?

      Applegarth is in Grayshott just past the Waggoners Well turning on the way to Headley Down.



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