Monday 30 September 2013

A Corner Turned

Things have finally started to look up here, yesterday we popped down to the allotment to drop some bits off into our new shed which arrived a couple of weeks ago.

We had no intentions of doing any work, just picking some apples to freeze, and set things up in the shed. Sadly we've been neglecting the allotment  the past couple of weeks, what with Himself being so unwell and I've been very busy working at home on some commissions and stock for Stone Pit Crafts

Himself said he felt up to doing some weeding, I was obviously worried in case he overdid things, so I took charge of the fork so he couldn't, and whilst he did some light weeding I set about digging up the veggies that had gone to seed as we'd not been about to harvest them.

Whilst we were busy digging and weeding Badger Boo decided to eat as many of the windfall apples as he could. I can't remember if if I've ever mentioned it before, but Badger Boo is a huge lover of all things vegetable.  

This year he stole and ate all of the cucumbers off the plants at home, was secretly stealing and eating the potato's from the potato sacks and even made a start on the strawberries until I finally figured out what was going on and built some Badger Boo proof defences.

So what was meant to be 20 mins on the lottie turned out to be a couple of hours enjoying the outdoors again. Until the car journey home when Badger Boo let rip with the stinkiest botty burp ever, I can honestly say it made me feel most unwell.

I think at last Himself is finally turning a corner and starting to feel a little better, until his next operation that is. We're seeing the Specialist this afternoon, so we'll have a better idea what's going to happen soon. 

In other news the Monday night Knitting Group has gained quite a few new members over the last couple of months, we may have to move out of the snug area and into the main part of the pub soon as it is getting a bit of a squeeze in there now. The Wednesday Lunchtime group is still fairly quiet with only a couple of members, I'm wondering if the Weds group needs a change of location? 

We have a facebook group open to all, so if your a knitting and crafty type of person your more than welcome to join us, show off your projects, ask advice and connect with other like minded people.

Hope you're all well?
Take care.

Me, Myself and I


  1. Perhaps Badger has come up with a way to get rid of visitors easily? Glad Himself is feeling a little better. It was a lovely day yesterday - ideal 'being outside' weather. Hope you have a good week.

  2. LOL at the botty burp.
    I am glad everything is moving in the right direction for you both.

  3. LOL! Badger Boo. You are such a little character! Nellie wont touch veggies, but she does love apple slices and bananas. I am glad Himself is feeling better, and what ever it is that is causing his problems will be taken care of for good. I hope you are well too Dawn!!!

  4. A positive post indeed. Long may it last x.

  5. So glad to hear that "himself" is doing so well. That is a good sign when he feels well enough to do some work in the garden ... like you said, though, be careful not to over do (Men are notorious for over doing ... can't admit when enough is enough :) As for Badger Boo's appetite for vegies ... it is a normal thing right? I mean predators get their veggies by eating the stomach contents of vegetable eating prey. Izzi loves apples, strawberries, sweet potatoes and pumpkin. I have never put a cucumber in front of her so I don't know what she would do with it. As for the "body burp" (best term I have heard yet), we don't get much of that, but then Izzi has never eaten a multitude of apples in one sitting :) And Eewwww ... trapped in the car ... oh my! Have a wonderful week and Izzi and I will see you Friday ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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