Thursday, 20 June 2013

I've Been a Tardy Blogger Lately

Firstly I must apologise for my tardiness and hardly posting news here in the last couple of months. Things have been totally manic since I launched Stone Pit Crafts which I'm really happy about, but it has taken up a lot of my time, hopefully now things have quietened down a bit I can get back on an even keel keeping up with everyone again.

Although I am very pleased to see, each week another person joins the blog hop "Smile it's Friday" and last week was the most entries so far. If you want to join in just add your link to the post, it runs from Friday to Sunday so plenty of time to join in.

The Arthritis in my hands has been playing up a fair bit lately, as I've been over doing the knitting and finger physio to get the orders out. My good friend Lesley sent me a picture of the Welly Toppers I made for her as I forgot to take a picture **slaps own wrist** more about them will be written on Stone Pit Crafts  Handmade Monday post next week.

I got an awsome new PDF Scanner app thing on my mobile and it works really well at scanning the cards I make, for some reason I was having real problems taking pictures of them, they always looked like they were taken with a fairground mirror.

Badger Boo is well, but I fear his advanced years may be catching up with him. He's sleeping an awful lot theses days, although he's his usual mad self when awake and not slowed down at all, he'll be 12 in October, hardly seems any time ago he was such a cheeky young pup.

Next week Himself goes back into hospital for another operation, neither of us are looking forward to it, but we really hope it sorts out his ongoing problems. It's hard to see such an active and fit person reduced to a shell of his former self, in so much pain and so unhappy.

 I'm hoping to get my little car back soon, my son has been borrowing it for the last year to get to his collage course. It's been really tough without a car, but his needs were greater than mine at the time.

I hope you're all keeping well and life is being kind to you?

Me, Myself and I


  1. That's a good catch up Dawn. I'm also busy with real life and sadly blogging is taking a back seat. Are you bringing Badger Boo to the Shackleford dog show - Best dog over 10 years - he would win easily :-)

  2. Like you, Dawn, I love blogging and keep promising myself to do it more frequently each week. However, keep breaking that promise. I love your newsy blog, really nice to catch up and I am so pleased your business is taking off - well done. Oh, yes, you must enter Badger in the Best Dog Over 10 years competition - he will win paws down! Hope himself gets on OK in hospital.


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