Friday, 28 June 2013

Smile it's Friday

I love apples and when I took my new allotment over was very pleased to see we had our own little apple tree.

I've not been able to get to the allotment much lately. 
Himself has been unwell and had to have another operation on his kidney this week, so we are pretty much housebound at the moment due to his severe pain which is difficult to manage.

So imagine my delight, that when I found 10 mins to pop to the allotment on Wednesday, I found the tree was heavily laden with tiny little apples all ready to grow into nice big juicy ones

I have no idea what type of apples they are? 
Looking at the colour of them I'd say they're not Cooking Apples, which is lucky as I eat more apples than I cook. 

So I'm off now to do some research on how I can make jams, jellies and anything else out of all these lovely chaps when ready to harvest. As much as I love Apple Crumble and Custard I think with this many apples I would soon get bored of it, I'm going to really enjoy tying out new recipes with these little beauties.

Now lets see who else is smiling this weekend :o)

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  1. Looking good, I hope they are cooking apples as Mr B makes a really good apple pie x.

  2. Those apples look amazing. I'm sure you will enjoy eating them. Apple pie sounds so good right now......


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