Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Where Has The Time Gone

Can't believe it's been four months since I last posted!!
I had my replacement knee surgery done approx 8 weeks ago, so getting used to that at the moment.
Boris is doing really well at his Assistance Dog training and recently passed his Silver K9 Good Citizens award.

We have a lovely 121 trainer called Kiri from Paws in the Pink who's been helping me to teach Boris to Hold items and put them straight into my hand, he'd developed a cheeky habit of turning his head away every time you asked him for something and refusing to give it up, not in a bad way, it was more like he was teasing me. So with lots of practicing and treats Boris happily holds things and hands them to me at last.

So much has happened it's hard to know where to start, but most importantly I'm doing the Parallel Push/Run in London on the 4th September and just waiting for my Just Giving page to go live so I can start raising money for RECOVERY Assistance Dogs.

This is going to be a massive challenge for me with my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Phobia and Panic Attacks, but I'm looking forward to completing it, with Boris by my side I'm a lot stronger now than when I last wrote a post.

I hope everyone is keeping well and I'll update you again very soon.


  1. Hi Dawn, hope the recovery is going well. I remember you saying you were having your knees done. Can't believe how quickly 4 months has gone since you last blogged. I remember your visits and thought it was just a few weeks! Glad to see you back :)

  2. Well done Dawn. And Boris Braveheart x.

  3. Hi Dawn, I just caught up with your blog again after soooo long! I hope you've recovered from your knee op. I also recently had an operation on my foot (which is primarily why my own blog was started) so at the minute I'm in plaster cast. It's amazing how quick the time goes and you realise you've not written a thing for ages.


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